100 Great Sex Games For Couples

Do you feel like your lovemaking has become less than desirable lacking passion and intimacy in the bedroom? Or do you feel like it’s getting harder and harder to keep the passion alive in your lovemaking? Or maybe, new positions or techniques you’ve tried become ordinary and normal again within a few sessions of making love? Luckily, you are not alone!

For most couples, it’s as if the longer they’ve been together, the quicker new ideas become routine. Whether its work, the kids or the other 1000 things you need to do, dedicating time to keep the fire burning in your sex life is often easier said than done. Let’s face it, we all have busy lives.

Without any doubt, one the biggest challenges in a long-term relationship is trying to keep things exciting in the bedroom. Therefore, it makes sense to find ideas that can be used again and again in your lovemaking repertoire.

Research has shown that the single best way to intensify orgasms and the overall lovemaking experience is having prolonged foreplay. Sex games really are a great way to keep things fresh and original and often have a longer reusable value than most techniques and positions.

100 Great Sex Games For Couples

100 Great Sex Games For Couples is an eBook that will help you bring more passion and romance back into your sex life. The book talks about intimacy as being spiritual, emotional and physical. This book is for couples looking to add a bit of flavor and excitement to their sex lives.

Unlike most books offering suggestions for sex, 100 Great Sex Games For Couples is not loaded down with predictable variations of dress-up or fantasy. Instead, ordinary games that most people know and have played are taken and the rules tweaked a bit. Some games require minor props, some more elaborate preparation, and some require no preparation or props at all.

This eBook contains 33 sex games and 67 unique variations of the 33 games guaranteed to bring fun and passion to your relationship like you have never experienced. These games are basically about “making love,” not having sex.

These games will get you kissing, touching and laughing a lot. They are creative, tasteful and fun enough to play over and over again. There is more than enough in there to keep things exciting for a long time. And of course, some games will keep you entertained longer than others.

100 Great Sex Games For Couples

Inside 100 Great Sex Games For Couples, you’ll find exciting games such as: a guessing game, a night of passion that starts elsewhere, a game where stories become your drive for pleasure, a card game with a twist, a great game to choose your bedroom clothing, and many others involving food, communicating, touching and sharing intimate moments.

For certain, you won’t find many of these games anywhere else because many are truly original and unique displaying a great level of imagination and creativity by co-authors Steve & Angela Lucas. Their games are fun, exciting and adventuresome. But unlike other books on the subject, they steer away from risky and harmful games and variations.

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