5 Tempting Bad Boy Types to Avoid

If there is one thing that is so tempting and difficult to ignore despite its warning signs in the life of most women, it is the allure of the bad boy. There appears to be an undeniable magnetism in women for bad boys.

A characteristic bad boy shows no respect for women. He is hardly interested in true love because this requires consistent sacrifice and commitment. Also he make sacrifices when it’s either convenient or when he expects to get something back in return. While she does most of the giving, he ignores her or takes advantage of her.

Presumably, the reason he appears to be in so much control is because he knows he has little or nothing at stake in the relationship as he can bolt out at any time. To him it’s all but a game, making it easier to play around with the women ensnared in his allurement.

He appears unattainable and women find this quality about him so attractive and start believing that they can possess him while knowing they really can’t. Many are also of the opinion that his attractiveness is as a result of his outward display of confidence, independence and masculinity. A lot of women also describe the “bad boy” as one having a sense of confidence bordering on cockiness, arrogance or machismo. They also confess that one of the most common reason they date him is because they are never bored around him.

We are not talking just about those bad boys who are wearing ripped jeans and tattoos on their arms, but those who can hurt a woman badly either physically or psychologically. Let’s take a look at some bad boy personalities to run away from.

The Player or Womanizer

Women are just his game, and he knows it. His is obsessed with being contacted or making contact with women and he is often known for being in several relationships at the same time. Ironically, he often tells most women he meets that he is already involved in a relationship, but the women simply think that he is lying, will get tired of it, and change his mind.

With skilled craftiness, he moves from one woman to another regularly using emails, cell phones, or friends to establish contacts. After meeting a new woman, he starts coming up with excuses to avoid the two of you going out and being seen together in public. At times, he may become very protective of his cell phone or his computer and even password them to avoid you checking up on him.

The Mooch or Scrub

This dude is always broke as there’s never any cash in his wallet. You often find yourself reaching for your purse whenever he needs something and he never considers it wrong when you pay for everything.

While the last time you remember, you took him out to have a steak or a lobster, the best of his generosity was him taking you to the cheapest places in town. When he borrows and takes your car out, he never fills it up; and when you talk about it, he just tops it up a little. When this cheap dude starts saying all the right things, listening to your concerns, you better watch out, because he wants something from you.

The Ditcher

He is very quick to commit but will ditch you just as quickly. He is a serial dater to the core and will only leave you with a broken heart. While pregnancy is an allergy he cannot stand; the alter remains but a frightful idea.

The Hustler / Gangster

This is one of the most dangerous. Money is always in his mind and how he gets it is not an issue to him. Be it from identity theft, or selling drugs on the street corner, to hustling babes, he likes to live lavishly and always has a knot of cash to spend. His swagger and/or the promise of illicit adventure often attract women to this gangster stereotype.

The Physical and Emotional Abuser / Controller

You are never right or capable of doing anything right in his opinion. He begins by first alienating you from friends and family to avoid interference. Initially you find yourself justifying his actions, until one day, he starts being critical of your every motive and action.

As time goes by, he starts intimidating and even threatening to get physical if you don’t listen to him. The ranting increase and he frequently bombards you with accusations of you “Not being good enough! Smart enough! Thin enough!” Before you know it, you have become virtually subject to his regular name calling, mood swings, hitting and grabbing.

Things can get very passionate and perplexing when a woman finds herself in a relationship where she is being physically or psychologically abused. For instance, if she finds herself in an addictive love relationship, she can experience intense pain and suffering if deprived of her partner as she feels she cannot live without him. Often these relationships gives her a feeling of being “high” such that nothing else matches this feeling in her life and in order for her to continue receiving it, she decides to put up with the abuse.

Therefore, caution should be taken when women start thinking that they can change someone like a bad boy. While women often allow this “nurturing instinct” to affect whom they choose to date, this desire can also lead to a codependent relationship, which is a dysfunctional relationship. Changing someone involves therapy, and this can only succeed when both partners are committed to it.

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