6 Traits Men Look for in a Girlfriend

Somehow, there must be some sort of traits that attract most men to their girlfriends. Traits they find alluring and exciting making them to want to possess her and be her man. Does that sound unrealistic? Not exactly!So how does a girl know for sure when she becomes the adorable type that guys would be crazy over. What qualities does she need to possess to become a candidate for a crazy-for-you, toe-curling relationship? Surprisingly enough, a lot of ladies possess these qualities but are not yet conscious of them and how to use them to their advantage. Below are 6 of such traits most guys would love to find in a potential mate.

1. Has a Life of Her Own

This is a lady that takes care of herself, pays attention to her personal lifestyle and still finds time to spend with her friends and family. She is an active and outgoing person, doing her thing, her best way. She loves adventures and indulges herself in life’s little pleasures. She is not the type that is sitting around waiting for some dude to come, sweep her off her feet and get her real life started. She is independent and does need a man who will become her entire existence – she seeks a partner whom she can complement.

2. Sexy but Not Trampy

Her sexual appeal does not necessarily have to be like that of Halle Berry, yet she remains confident in her own skin. At different stages of the relationship, she takes the game to another level yet maintaining her disarming sexuality. At the beginning, while getting to understand her man, she refrains from making overtly sexual comments. She flirts with him through non-sexual contact like placing her hand on his forearm. As the relationship gets more serious and intimate, her sexuality extends to sexual touches and public display of her affection.

3. Knows Her Place

While many are of the view that the dating dynamics have changed and it is OK today for a lady to make the first move if she is interested in a guy; nature itself repeals this developing ideology. This lady knows her place in the hierarchy of life – that the man does the chasing. Why would she want to take away the fun part of the dating game – the part guys relish the most? Instead she suggests, waiting for her man to initiate and plan dates. Men are more programmed for the chase than to be chased.

4. Avoids Pressurizing Her Man

Men have a very distinct aversion to any form of pressure; be it work or relationship pressure and want their space. She doesn’t bug her man with phone calls, text messages and emails during the day and avoids constantly checking up on him every now and then. She is not unaware of how much men dread the M-word (marriage) and constant reminders of what the future of them together looks like. Men, she knows, prefer to just enjoy the relationship than to constantly be checking the pulse of it.

5. Waits to Have Sex

Sexual revolution and feminism have been around for a while and few people expect a pure white bride today. This lady understands that despite her being true to her sexuality, sex still remains a very dicey part of any new relationship and that it has the potential to change the entire dynamics of the game. She never fails to remember that sex, if engaged in too early in the game, could make her feel extra warm, fuzzy and irrational. She thus might end up making too much of a relationship that could barely exist out the bedroom. She knows when the signals are right and never jumps in too early.

6. Caring and Supportive

She does little things for her man that makes him realize how much she cares about him. Pays attention to his individual needs and appreciates his reciprocal gestures. She motivates him and gives creative criticism when needed. She laughs at his jokes, flatters and praises him when alone together or while in the company of others, and makes him feel like a real man.