Bob Grant’s How Do I Get Him Back Review

Bob Grant How Do I Get Him Back When it comes to relationships, breakups can be somewhat considered as an integral part of the process towards a true happily ever after. While some breakups often happen over the flimsiest of reasons, others deteriorate over time.

Have you recently been through a breakup and struggling over what to do next? Have your attempted efforts to put everything behind you been met with a feeling that you might still be in love with your ex-boyfriend or ex-husband? Are you simply thinking of how to win him back, reignite the lost love, and be with him again forever?

Are your answers to these questions “yes” but still have a nagging question raging within you as to whether this is possible or not? If this is the case, then you are surely on the right page as we take a look at Bob Grant’s How Do I Get Him Back

The reality is that it is very possible to get your man back into your loving arms again. However, for that to happen, you will need the right guidance to do the right things that will make your man to run back into your waiting arms.

This is where How Do I Get Him Back becomes a very important consideration in your quest to get back together with your man. This program is designed to help you do the needful as you attempt to bring back your lost love.

What Is How Do I Get Him Back About?

This is a relationship program that is designed to guide women in similar situation like you on how to win back their ex-boyfriend or ex-husband and strengthen the relationship and bond with him.

The main textual manual of the program has about 103 pages which are divided into seven chapters. The program contains a lot of detailed information that provides you with the exact strategies you need to effectively win your man back into your life.

One important thing about this program is the focus it places on you finding the help you need from within yourself. Therefore, it somewhat uses an inside-out approach that not only deals with how to get him back but also about you developing a stronger overall personality.

The program places a strong focus on helping you understand a lot of the things you should avoid doing immediately after a breakup. Without doubt, it is a very useful psychological guide which can help you properly deal with the anxiety and depression that most ladies experience after a breakup.

About Bob Grant, The Author!

The program, How Do I Get Him Back, is written by Bob Grant who is a professional licensed counselor and therapist. Bob has over 20 years experience in assisting individuals with their relationship-based problems.

Apart from How Do I Get Him Back, Bob has equally written several relationship-based books and articles such as the popular “The Woman Men Adore“. Bob has also made regular guest appearances on both Radio and TV shows such as The Jaci Rae Show, Singles World Talk Radio, Marriage and Family Today, and The Dr. Robyn Show, amongst others.

An Inside Look At How Do I Get Him Back

The program is an 8-week course in an eBook format containing 103 pages which are further divided into seven chapters.

The first chapter is focused on helping you take care of yourself and regaining your self-esteem. To achieve this, the program recommends you try and exercise regularly, eat more healthier meals, get plenty of rest per night and also ensure to go out with friends and family more frequently.

In this first chapter, the program also stresses the need for you to avoid some of the common mistakes a lot of ladies make immediately following a breakup. The overriding logic of the program is for you to find the help you need from within yourself.

For instance, Bob introduces a technique called “Play It Out” which you can use whenever you’re feeling overwhelmed or scared. Essentially, it involves you taking out some pen and paper and writing down your relationship-related fears and then tackling them by talking yourself out of them in a written form.

This technique, when done sincerely, is designed to help you feel your feelings and to think out the consequences of acting on your fears.

In chapter two of the program, Bob lists and attempts to demystify three common relationship myths that a lot of ladies easily believe. The third chapter goes on to list three major reasons Bob believes makes men leave relationships.

Some of the possible reasons listed include the fact that you, as a lady, might have become too helpful and accommodating, become needy, or probably because you were too strong or rigid.

However, the program doesn’t take away the reality that a man can leave a relationship even when you might have done everything perfectly right. This is often possible in cases where the man might have unresolved personal or other issues.

Bob also delves into how the male psyche works by attempting to distinguish certain characteristic traits of different men that can make them leave even a very good relationship. The program goes to show that while some men can be sincere but insecure, conservative and cautious, others can however be simply the “bad boy” type who though might be charming and seductive, yet dislikes women.

Consequent upon this, Bob recommends that you take some time to study your man’s previous relationship history. This should cover issues such as his dating history, previous marriage and even the number of times he might have been married before. This will give you clues regarding his relationship behaviors and therefore whether the fight to get him back is actually worth it.

By the fourth chapter, you should have been able to sincerely decide if your man is really worth getting back into your life. This stage is where you go about putting your action plan to work. The most important rule at this point is the need for you to refrain from contacting him first. You are advised to wait for him to make the first call or attempt to reach out to you.

The program also encourages you to make a list of the traits that you actually want your man to possess. You are to take time out and list them in order of their priority to you. Your ability to identify the top two or three traits you value most in him will allow you to become more patient with him in other areas where he might have some shortcomings.

In chapter five of How Do I Get Him Back, Bob stresses the need for you to take good care of yourself during the waiting period. During this period, you are further expected to keep yourself busy and be surrounded by friends and family.

When he eventually calls, which hopefully he should if you have followed the steps well up to this point, Bobs suggests certain rules which you must abide with. For instance, you are not expected to bring your feelings or your past together into the conversations which should normally not last longer than 10 minutes.

In the sixth chapter, Bob talks about the reasons why you need to become a person of value both in your general life and also when it comes to your relationships. The more valuable your man sees you have become, the more interested he might become in getting back together with you.

Chapter six also strongly advises against making a particular mistake that has the potential of ruining most of the efforts you have put in so far into getting back together with your man.

The seventh and final chapter of the program deals with what you need to do once you have gotten him back into your arms.

The program also offers a number of tips that includes a set for the scenario where your man finally calls you and another set of tips in case he doesn’t. Some of the tips at the initial stages include detailed instructions about doing a little bit more reflection on the relationship to truly ascertain if the man is really meant for you and worth fighting to get back.

Some Concerns About the Program

Despite its several great features, there are however certain points which you need to take note of such as:

  • Categorically, though the program talks of an 8-week period, there is however no guaranteed time-frame within which you can expect to win your man back. This might be largely due to the fact the techniques used in the program might have different results depending on the individual making use of the program.
  • Another issue is that it addresses ladies in general without factoring their peculiar characteristics and personality traits into the development of the course.
  • Most of the material is simply text-based which for some users might be a problem when it comes to reading and comprehending the text. However, the video tutorials can further help coupled with the engaging and interesting writing style of the author.
  • Users who prefer reading hard copies might also feel disappointed as the program only comes as a PDF format along with the video tutorials.

What Does The Program Package Offer

How Do I Get Him Back is an eBook program authored by Bob Grant aka “The Relationship Doctor.” The program can be gotten from its official website where it is available for online access and also in a downloadable PDF format.

On purchase of the program, apart from the textual guide, users also have access to some video tutorials. Also, users get a Free 15-minute private phone consultation with the author – Bob Grant.

One other attractive feature of the program is that it comes with a 30-day free trial access to “The Women Men Adore Club”.

If for any reason you are not satisfied with the program, Bob offers a 60-day 100% Money Back Guarantee which is free of any hidden clauses or conditions.


How Do I Get Him Back is a very good and engaging program designed to help you get back together with your ex-boyfriend or ex-husband even when the situation might seem near impossible.

Using this program does not only help you get him back but also provides great advice to help improve your overall personality and become a happier person in general. There are equally a lot of useful insights to help strengthen the relationship and bond with him after getting back together.

You need not despair nor give up on your lost love. On the whole, How Do I Get Him Back provides detailed information about the exact strategies you need to adopt to get your man back into your loving arms again.

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