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  • How to Stop a Breakup

    How to Stop a Breakup

    While relationships can be one of the most blissful experiences on the face of the earth, they can sometimes be difficult and stressful to handle. How to prevent a loving relationship from falling apart and avoiding a breakup is sure worth considering.

  • Try to Get Your Ex Back or Move On

    Try to Get Your Ex Back or Move On

    The urge of wanting to get an ex lover back might be very compelling, but is it worth the try. Should you try and get your ex back or should you move on? Don't speculate, know what you chances are first.

  • Reasons Why Women Leave Relationships

    Reasons Why Women Leave Relationships

    It is a daunting task for most men to understand why a woman would leave a relationship. While once in a while a woman might leave a man for no apparent reason; most often than not, there is always a pretty serious reason for her doing so.

  • Reasons Why Men Leave Relationships

    Why Men Leave Relationships

    There are various reasons that can be given for why most men leave relationships and in a lot of cases they don't necessarily have anything to do with the woman. So what could be the reasons for a man to leave a relationship?

  • Signs Your Ex Wants You Back

    Signs Your Ex Wants You Back

    While you might still have feeling for your ex and desire to get your back, the feeling might not be mutual. Are there possible signs your ex might be showing which indicates that they want you back?

  • Why Couples Cheat

    Why Couples Cheat

    Couples cheat on themselves for various reasons and both cheat for reasons which cuts across the gender divide. An affair most of the time is mostly just an external sign or symptom of an internal desire for change? Experts consider the affairs as just triggers for the anticipated changes.

  • Pitfalls to Avoid When Winning Your Ex Back

    Winning Your Ex Back Pitfalls

    Guilt and depression often team up to make a breakup difficult to handle. The risk of making irrational decisions are high and such could scuttle any chances left for getting your ex back. To successfully get your ex back, you need to avoid most of these pitfalls.

  • Signs of Infidelity

    Signs of Infidelity

    Is your partner cheating on you? A partner that is having a secret affair will with time start showing some behavioural and emotional changes. While suspicion and resentment builds up, trust, the foundation of the relationship may to dwindle. What are some of the signs of infidelity you can start to look out for?

  • Dealing with Failed Relationship Guilt

    Failed Relationship Guilt

    Getting over a long term relationship can be a difficult thing, but worse still is the guilt that may come along with breaking up with someone you've been in love with. Consider these points to help you ease the pain and get over it soonest.

  • Reasons Why Couples Breakup

    Reasons Why Couples Breakup

    There might easily be a thousand and one reasons why couples breakup but essentially, there are certain telltale signs that most breakups tend to show just before they happen. A prescient look into some of these reasons might not be out of place.