What Couples Need to Understand About Sex

What Couples Need to Understand About Sex

Most people today would find it almost unbelievable that there are still people in this sexually explicit society who are unenlightened about sex and sexual matters. It therefore not surprising that a lot of couples today struggle with the issue of sexuality.

In reality, most adults show nothing more than an elementary knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of the human reproductive system. These couples have an understanding of how their bodies react in a different way to sexual drive and stimulation as well as the variations in both. However they tend to not have an understanding of the complexities of these two dissimilar systems.

Women, for instance, fail to realize that testosterone creates a physiological drive in men that needs to be expressed every other day. The absence of this hormone in women makes them exhibit less sexual drive. A good number of men believe that their spouse should get aroused and reach orgasm just as fast as they do.

This makes the man feel like he is not truly capable of satisfying his woman whereas she feels like she’s being cheated by her man as he almost regularly reaches orgasm when her excitement is just about beginning. A web of problems and indeed a complex one arises from such a situation.

When it comes to the issue of what they expect from their partners during a sexual encounter, a lot of people have a somewhat narrow idea about what a “normal” sex life is. Fear of humiliation has over the years held back a lot of couples from having honest discussions about their feelings regarding sex.

The need for physical sexual relief for both men and women causes their sex hormones to activate the human sexual drive center in the hypothalamus of the brain. The hypothalamus which controls sexual behavior is kicked into overdrive stimulating the production of seminal fluid, and both vaginal and penile secretions.

In men the release of this accumulated seminal fluid is achieved through ejaculation which is often carried out through nocturnal emissions (wet dreams), masturbation, or intercourse.

In women, most experience heaviness deep inside their pelvis when their bodies are in need of sexual release. Though it comes close to the experience observed during the onset of a period, the feelings are however discernible and quite different.

Most however do not realize the connection between this feeling and their need for sexual release; they simply do not fully understand why they experience it. Sexual release by both sexes brings about such wonderful peace and calm to their being.

Men and women experience such true bonding during intimate sexual intercourse that it is far more than ordinary coupling. This bonding in a mutually exclusive sexual relationship is both profoundly beautiful and mysterious; such that words cannot truly explain it.

There is no other human experience that permits the dissolution of our individual walls and the blending with another person so wholesomely. In fact, have you ever been able to find the right words to truly describe what mutual sexual ecstasy really feels like? Hmm… try again!

Great sex does not just come to be overnight. It starts with a good relationship where there is love and understanding between both partners coupled with a good knowledge and acceptance of their sexual differences.

Understanding our biological and physiological need for sex and intimacy in a relationship will help couples improve and add more fun to their sex lives.

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