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  • Listening Is The Key To Good Communication

    Listening Is The Key To Good Communication

    Communication is important in a relationship, but what I find is that is not that couples don't communicate - they don't listen. It is not enough to tell people to communicate when they don't know how to listen.

  • Secrets to Understanding And Communicating Better With Men

    Understanding And Communicating Better With Men

    Why is it that women try their best to communicate to men but simply fail to reach them? Simply put, men listen differently than most women understand.

  • How Personal Happiness Opens Your Heart to Finding True Love

    Loving who you are and finding true personal happiness is the first step to falling in love and finding true love. How then can we experience true love and happiness in all aspects of our lives.

  • Do Women Really Love More Than Men

    Women, are so tender and affectionate but do they love more than men do?

  • 6 Traits Men Look for in a Girlfriend

    Somehow, there must be some sort of traits that attract most men to their girlfriends. Traits they find alluring and exciting making them to want to possess her and be her man. Does that sound unrealistic? Not exactly!

  • 5 Tempting Bad Boy Types to Avoid

    Why are women so attracted to boys? Here are 5 types you to run away from.

  • Love at First Sight – Does it Exist?

    Have you ever been in love at first sight - struck by cupid's arrow? Have you ever felt that euphoric rush of adrenaline flowing through your body, so refreshing and overwhelming you wished it would last forever? You might probably have experienced love at first sight but it could equally have just been a...

  • Is there really a soul mate for everyone?

    Soul mates! Do you believe soul mates exist? If your answer is yes, how then can you tell a person is your soul mate when you meet them? Can you put your life on hold till you finally meet "soul mate"? Or are there many potential soul mates for each of us?

  • What to do if you are in Love but are afraid the feeling isn’t Mutual Love

    You are in a situation where you just can't help feeling that you are in love with this person but the person seems not to return your love? Does your love have to be mutual before you can say it is love?

  • What is the true meaning of love – Is it in your Current Relationship?

    The chief purpose of being in a relationship is to share love and mutual respect. To truly love someone can better be understood from the point of unconditionally loving that person. True love therefore means caring about someone just the way they are, how they were formerly, and how they will be in the...