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  • 5 Tempting Bad Boy Types to Avoid

    Why are women so attracted to boys? Here are 5 types you to run away from.

  • Love at First Sight – Does it Exist?

    Have you ever been in love at first sight - struck by cupid's arrow? Have you ever felt that euphoric rush of adrenaline flowing through your body, so refreshing and overwhelming you wished it would last forever? You might probably have experienced love at first sight but it could equally have just been a...

  • Is there really a soul mate for everyone?

    Soul mates! Do you believe soul mates exist? If your answer is yes, how then can you tell a person is your soul mate when you meet them? Can you put your life on hold till you finally meet "soul mate"? Or are there many potential soul mates for each of us?

  • What to do if you are in Love but are afraid the feeling isn’t Mutual Love

    You are in a situation where you just can't help feeling that you are in love with this person but the person seems not to return your love? Does your love have to be mutual before you can say it is love?

  • What is the true meaning of love – Is it in your Current Relationship?

    The chief purpose of being in a relationship is to share love and mutual respect. To truly love someone can better be understood from the point of unconditionally loving that person. True love therefore means caring about someone just the way they are, how they were formerly, and how they will be in the...

  • Enhancing Communication In Relationships

    The bedrock of any successful relationship is the communication between those involved. It is the mainstay of any wholesome and loving relationship, and it goes without saying that without effective communication, it is quite easy for any relationship to easily fall apart.

  • Long Distance Relationships

    On a general note, relationships are often difficult to maintain even when the partners live in the same town and even when in the same house. Given this scenario, it becomes even more difficult when distance separate the partners. However, research suggests that long distance relationships do not break up at any greater rate...

  • Overcoming Shyness

    Almost everyone is a little bit shy and self-conscious to some extent but rationally speaking, shyness while a general problem for both sexes seems to be more common among men. This can be attributed to the fact that society places the man in the role of the "seeker".

  • I Love You – How Often Do I Tell My Love

    One thing that is common to both budding and even established relationships is the dilemma over how often to say those three words - I love you - to one's significant other. What frequency is too much or too little to remind your spouse of how much you really love them - in words?

  • Dating Dos and Don’ts

    Setting any hard and fast dating rules in this era of cyber dating would be a very daunting task. While the whole essence of dating is to have fun while getting to know more about our dates, setting a few ground rules should help us take out the pressure and increase our chances of...