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  • The Art of Seducing Your Lover

    The art of seducing a lover in a committed relationship can easily spice up the relationship and rekindle the relationship to an all new high. Men enjoy the chase and the women love being desired and chased by men. The harder the man works to earn her affection, the more important and desirable a...

  • How To Get Your Ideal Partner

    Finding that right person who will make you happy and fulfilled in life is definitely a worthy quest to embark upon. This is one decision so dreaded that some even consider it to be blown out of proportion. Be it as it may, it remains a big decision, not to be taken with levity...

  • Playing Hard to Get

    Anything mysterious and elusive by nature tend to fascinate and intrigue the human mind arousing such feelings of awe and interest. For this same reason, once someone who has attracted their attention piques a man or woman's interest, they often will not rest until they have explored the situation to a conclusive end and...

  • Out on Your First Date

    The ideal first date should provide both parties the opportunity to get to know each other. It should be fun and not made to look like your whole life depends on the success of one date or several dates. The first date can be anxiety-provoking and exciting, but by all means should be fun,...

  • Creating and Maintaining a Loving Relationship

    The fundamentals of any relationship whether it is with family, friends, and colleagues at work, or even the neighbours are basically the same. Creating and maintaining a loving relationship requires a sense of commitment to the success of that union by both parties.

  • Asking for a Date

    Asking for a first date is perhaps the scariest part the dating game. Knowing how to present one's self when asking for a date and the asking itself are very crucial part of dating more so when it's the first.

  • Understanding and Decoding Body Language

    Our body language plays a major role in the impression we create in people's minds about our personality. A good understanding of what messages are being sent out by us and others can help in developing a better overall personality.

  • How to Get the Girl of Your Dreams

    There's always a dream girl for every guy. That special lady on whom your deepest fantasies are centred on; the epitome of true beauty. What are the clues to getting this dream becoming a reality?

  • First Date Fun Ideas

    The essence of a date is to have fun while getting to know each other. On a first date, the pressure of this first meeting can often be overwhelming. With some insightful tips, you can make your first date a real fun date for both you and your date.

  • 7 Things Women Want To Hear

    No matter how hard he tried, Rob couldn't seem to further his relationship with Michelle. For most guys, this is the typical scenario they so often find themselves stuck in. What are the most interesting things women love to hear from their guys? We look at 7 of their favourites.