Do Women Really Love More Than Men

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Men are often made to look like they are the unromantic ones in most relationships and less romantic than women in general. At first glance, a good majority will unflinchingly say that women are the more romantic. However when it comes to the truly deep and important definition of romance, the opposite is often the case.

First point of consideration is that when it comes to falling in love, even at first sight, men are at the top of the ladder. Men generally fall in love faster than women and by the fourth date, statistics show that about 20 per cent of men would have fallen in love with a partner they are interested in.

  • On the contrary, 43 per cent of women still were not sure if they were in love by even the twentieth date compared to about 30 percent of men. Unlike men when entering into relationships, women are the more cautious about getting committed.

    On the ideals of love, men are definitely more idealistic about the concept of love than a lot of women. According to a study in the book “The Incidence of Romanticism During Courtship” by C. W. Hobart, men were found to have more of an idealistic than practical view of love. Men are apt to believe that as long as there is true love between two people, they should be about just ok together.

    When it comes to the issue of breakups, a study of 231 Boston couples by a group of Harvard University scientists found out that women were often the ones who suggested the separation.

    And as if that was not enough, the poor guys are still the ones who suffer more after a breakup happens. Men showed far more depression, felt lonelier and less free after the breakup. They were often in a state of disbelief and felt that they could have salvaged the relationship if they had done this or that… all in self-guilt over the failure of the relationship.

    Men generally find it more difficult aceepting that a relationship is over and that they were no longer loved and that their spouse was actually out of their life.

  • To think of it, women even love their best friends more than their lovers. From a study on “The Nature of Love” by Yale University researchers, it was discovered that men love their lovers more when compared to others in their life. They liked and loved their lovers far more than their best friends.

    Women were instead found to love their lovers and best friend almost equally with many of them liking their best friend more than their lovers.

    Friday, March 25th, 2011 Dating & Romance