Enhancing Communication In Relationships

A follow-up to creating and maintaining a lasting relationship is the art of enhancing communication between couples. The word “couples” connoting two people who are in a relationship not necessarily referring only to married couples.The bedrock of any successful relationship is the communication between those involved in that relationship. It is the mainstay of any wholesome relationship and loving relationship and it goes saying that without effective communication, it is quite easy for any relationship to easily fall apart.Statistically, women are believed to averagely speak nearly three times as many words, around 15,000, per day compared to that of a man of about 5,000. So in a typical relationship, the women are often considered to be the talkative partner but in some relationships this role can often be reversed.In effectively communicating with our partner, it is very essential that we understand the make-up of the sexes and how they tend to communication generally. It is of the opinion of established thoughts that men and women differ in their experience of emotions and their communication of them.Generally speaking, women, compared to men, express a greater range of emotions, such as sadness, fear, love, happiness, and anger. Women are also more inclined than men to disclose personal information, such as their personal opinion or details of their personal history. All these traits naturally, inclines the woman to seek for attention in order to express these emotions and talking about them is one way they consider best.Women, obviously find talking to be therapeutic in nature while men mostly consider it as counterproductive. Women tend to process things by talking about them believing it helps resolve the problems as talking to them is closer to thinking out loud.With the above understanding, here are some points that can be of assistance in helping us enhance communication in our relationships.

Listen Reflectively

The most fundamental key to success in effective communication is the art of listening. Listening doesn’t have to mean that we just agree with whatsoever our partner is saying, but most times it simply “agreeing to disagree” over certain issues.Learning to communicate effectively with your partner means that you are willing to be fully present and attentive during discussions. The primary aim of good listening is to try and understand what your partner is saying by going giving your full attention while they are reflecting on their points as they speak.Once there is reciprocated active listening from both parties involved, effective tow-way communication has been established, which is the main goal of communication. The feeling of being heard and understand is the strongest singular communication booster.

Show Interest and Always Compliment Your Partner

One very important and easy way to keep your partner talking more is to talk about issues that you know are very real to him/her. If you’ve been with your partner even for just a short while, you would probably have discovered by now where his/her fancies lie. Sincerely get interested in this area of your partner’s life and bring up subjects related to it and this will greatly help in increasing the willingness they will have in communicating with you even on other subject matters.The goal is to sincerely show your partner that you appreciate them that much. If you can only try and remember the glow on your face the last time someone gave an unexpected compliment, you’d probably understand the natural need to be affirmed and appreciated by others.

Engage in Activities that Promote Communication

Activities like watching a movie together can provide avenues through which we can easily engage our partners in creative and effective communication. Try and be spontaneous, do something physical to get their undivided attention and find within such opportunities, activities that both of you can engage in and that will provide avenue for both of you to always be close together, discussing and sharing your views.Go out with each other frequently and spend quality time alone. Date him/her over again. Use such opportunities to have frequent discussions on anything that might be of mutual interest to both of you.

Ask Good Questions

It is said that the answer you get is as good as the question you asked. Do not presume that your partner knows what you’re thinking or always understands what your needs are and how you might be feeling.If your partner seems agitated or upset, don’t just assume things, try and discern if the situation is right to ask them if anything is wrong. Don’t shy away from it.

Stop Criticizing and Show Respect

If you ever have to criticize, make sure you do it with the purpose of bringing out the better side of that person and not to apportion blame. No one likes that. Avoid unfair and critical judgement even in heated argument and always stay in the present addressing issues at hand and never to bring past hurts or events.Control your attitudes and respect their opinions helping them to bring out the best in them. Everyone needs some respect and care in their life.As a reminder, always remember that success in relationships does not come merely through finding the right mate, but through being the right mate.