A Man’s Guide to a Woman’s Body

A Man's Guide to a Woman's BodyEveryone longs for and wants a better sex life. The desires is for one that is richer, fuller, more deeply gratifying. It should also be more frequent, more varied, and preferably longer lasting. This is very important as sexual passion has a lot of power. It can lift our spirits unlike any other feelings experienced by men and women.You can attain such ecstatically erotic levels of intimacy and enjoyment in your sexual life. First, you will need to understand your body. Then it is important to know all you can about that of your partner. Finally, there’s the need to understand what exactly brings you and her pleasure.This is very fundamental and why you need a good understanding of the female anatomy. More especially, her erogenous zones. This will put you in a far better position to satisfy and pleasure your lady.

The Erogenous Zones

Erogenous zones are anywhere on the body that has a heightened sensitivity when stimulated. This stimulation generally elicit a sexual response. These “hot spots,” as they are also called, essentially hold a lot of nerve endings.When sufficiently stimulated, they are capable of bringing a woman to orgasm. However, not all women receive the same degree of stimulation from these spots.One of the reasons for this difference in sensitivity is psychological in nature. The other is due to a shortfall in the number of nerves in the nerve endings. This might just be a lack of normal sensitivity in that erogenous zone. Understand therefore that no two women are the same and what works for one may not work for another.Ample stimulation of the erogenous zones before intercourse through foreplay is thus necessary. It is probably the best way to get your lady to the peak of her sexual fantasies. Exceedingly pleasing foreplay involves enticing and exciting both her mind and her body.Women, especially younger ones, need more stimulation to reach their plateau of arousal. This can be in form of kissing, caressing, stroking, and cuddling. Most women consider the kissing, touching, and teasing as necessary. They view them as very satisfying part of the whole lovemaking.Here are the areas of the female body that may bring your lady to a peak arousal and a climax. However, remember that not all work with all women all of the time. There is thus the need to experiment and see which ones work for your partner.Communication is the most vital key to knowing exactly how to pleasure your lady. So, keep the communication open to get the best intimacy and sexual fulfillment.

Her Lips

Female Erogenous Zones - Her Lips
There is nothing more appealing to women than the sensuous power of a kiss. Women simply love those passionate tongue-twisting sessions. They heighten the lusts and exude a lot of emotions.Kissing with absolute feelings of passion and intention is infectious. This is a sure way to communicate your love and intimacy. Strive to manipulate her lips rightly through kissing, licking, and biting. You are likely to get more than just a kiss from her.

Her Neck and Shoulders

Female Erogenous Zones - Her Neck
Her skin here is very sensitive and thin, so you don’t need to use a lot of pressure. Kissing, massaging or breathing on her neck and shoulders is the way to go. This will give her goose bumps and shivers all over her body if done in the right way.Lift up her hair gently and kiss down the back of her neck, continuing across to her shoulders. Tug on her lightly, pulling her closer to you. The sides of the neck from the base of her earlobes to the top of her neck are very sensitive.

Her Ears

Female Erogenous Zones - Her Ears
With it being connected to the neck bone, the most sensitive part of the ear is the lobe. It’s sensitivity owes to the fact that it has a massive number of sensory receptors. This makes them very sensitive to touch.It is best to try tracing along the outside rim and behind the back of her earlobe with your tongue. You can also suck on her earlobes while whispering those sweet, sexy nothings to get her in the groove.Licking, sucking, or kissing, then lightly blowing causes opposing sensations of heat/moisture and then cooling… very scintillating indeed.

Her Scalp

A good majority of women like to have their scalp massaged. They also appreciate their hair touched, played with and enjoyed. It sure drives many women crazy. You can try running your fingertips through her hair gently and steadily. Also you can gently play with her hair at the base of her neck, lift it and kiss underneath.

Her Breasts

Female Erogenous Zones - Her Breasts
Many women consider this part of their anatomy to a sure-fire arouser. However, there are some who do not feel the same way about their breasts. In general, women love when their breasts are cradled, caressed, licked, sucked, and played with.In fact, most women take their breasts and nipples as very important erogenous zones. They come only after their genitals in terms of importance. It is best to start from underneath and gently move toward the nipples. Women like gradual building of arousal toward the center of interest.

Behind her Knees

This is one place in a woman’s body that contains a great bunch of nerve endings. This makes the behinds of her knees highly sensitive. Gently kiss, lick, nibble, or tickle her at the back of her knees and watch the sensations swell.

Her Inner thighs

Like the back of their knees, most women are often very sensitive in their inner thighs. This is due to the fact that they also contain a lot of nerve endings. Go gentle with your touching, stroking, licking and nibbling of her inner thighs. When done right you are sure to raise a lot of sensation.

Her Back and Buttocks

Female Erogenous Zones - Her Buttocks
The buttocks are one of many men’s more admired areas of a woman’s body. In fact, some women like their buttocks to be mildly spanked and squeezed. Yet, not all find it that pleasurable.The sacral curve is the area across her back and right above the curve of her buttocks. This is often a very sensitive pressure zone. Stroke the whole of her back or lightly apply pressure to trace the area with your fingers. You are sure to get her excited. Moving from her back down to her buttocks brings sensation from her groin into her genital area.There’s a need for a change of overall view of sex and foreplay. You need to understand that orgasm is not the only road to satisfaction. It should be more about how you make one another feel about the whole experience.Go slow on her and mentally treat her as new by exploring her body. Do it as though it or some part of it were totally new to you. Always check in with her regularly about pressure and speed. This is important as her preferences can change occasionally.
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