How Personal Happiness Opens Your Heart to Finding True Love

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Loving who you are and finding true personal happiness is the first step to falling in love and finding true love. However a lot of people tend to focus on their partner as the source of their happiness and blame them as being the cause of their dissatisfaction and disharmony in life.

Personal happiness is a factor we cannot ignore in our pursuit of true love. You are who your thoughts are and love cannot co-exist where there is unhappiness. One characteristics possessed by those who find fulfilling partnerships and have happy relationships is that they tend to have deliberately prepared themselves for love prior to meeting their spouse.

  • To create a happy you awaiting love’s arrival, it is important to make a paradigm shift from your old thinking. If you want your relationship to grow, it is important to first take a look at your relationship with yourself. Are you happy personally? Do you love yourself, and how highly do you esteem yourself?

    Most people enter into relationships with some old ideas and fears such as “I’m not good enough”, “I’m unattractive”, “too fat”, “he/she is going to be unfaithful to me” or other such fearful stuffs from the past failed relationships. These altogether limits their potentials for success in their new relationship. An issue that needs to be tackled here is how the mind works because we are basically a function of the state of our minds. Our minds operate by extrapolating from our past. It suggests our possible futures in a given circumstance based on what is already known. It sees what it is expecting to see and mostly overlooks what is really there.

    If you do not like yourself, then who is going to find you attractive enough to want to enter into a relationship with you? Logically speaking, anyone who finds you attractive in this state must to some degree be deficient somehow or probably just has bad taste and judgment. If you are condescending on yourself, you’re bound to equally transfer this to your partner and relationship.

    Basically, we do not want people who are desperate or under pressure to find a partner and so we should equally do our best to move out of this state of mind. We need to become open and realize that we are the makers of our own happiness and not the external factors around us. It is therefore best to avoid those people who intend to make you responsible for their happiness. The best way to true relationship happiness is to understand a mate’s needs and making the fulfillment of those needs your goal.

    If you have been operating from any false belief about yourself, your true potential for happiness and finding true love, or if certain challenges had complicated your earlier love life, do not despair for an instant that you cannot change these patterns and have a truly loving and happy relationship. What we need to do is look at all those old beliefs and start perceiving them differently in order to get back on track to a happier life ready for true love’s arrival. It is a mental choice that has to be made by not bringing your past into your present relationship.

  • By being aware of who you really are and of what you want in a mutually fulfilling relationship, it is possible to melt the barriers to happiness, fulfillment and satisfaction. When we embrace our own qualities and feel connected with others and with life, we will discover this kind of deep happiness.

    There is therefore every possibility to your experiencing true love and happiness in all aspects of your life, including your romantic relationships, with family and friends, and very much with yourself.

    Fantasize about your being happy and put all necessary machinery into action to bring happiness into your life and before long, who knows, love might just come knocking.

    Tuesday, March 29th, 2011 Dating & Romance