How To Get Your Ideal Partner

Interestingly, this is one of the most important decisions to make in one’s lifetime. Finding the right partner who will make you happy is definitely a very important thing in life. A decision so dreaded that some consider it to be blown out of proportion. Be it as it may, it remains a big decision, not to be taken with levity or left to chance.What constitutes an ideal partner to you? What qualities or traits are you desirous that your mate should possess before they fall into this category? Are you looking for an ideal partner for just dating or someone you are interested in settling down with in marriage? What are your goals and true intentions? When you are able to first sit down and focus on exactly what it is you are looking for in your supposed “ideal partner” than the quest has only just begun.We set up these images in our subconscious being of the “ideal partner” we so much desire thus giving little or no room for anything else. Setting too high an expectation for ourselves, we have many times over again unknowingly rejected our chances of happiness, and an opportunity to find that true love we so much seek after.Ironically, after setting these standards, we generally fail to take a retrospect and ask ourselves if we have any or all of these qualities we are expecting in our “ideal partner” in our own lives. He is not this, she is not that, what do you have or seem to have to have set you so much on a higher pedestal than that person you are currently or hoping to date and probably marry. Are you so perfect an individual that there isn’t any fault or crack in your seemingly “ideally perfect life”.In my candid opinion on this issue, I think it is in place for an individual to want some kind of traits or qualities in the life of the person he or she intends being with for the rest of his or her life. However, in this pursuit, this has inadvertently become an obstacle to many finding happiness in relationships and in their love life in particular.Howbeit, I strongly believe that one needs to have a clear-cut understanding of what he or she wants in a partner before they can choose well for themselves but that they be willing to compromise and adjust in order to find that real life partner and not that ideal they dream of. We should realize that we are constantly making choices all the time either actively or passively and ultimately we are bound to make a choice about who we are going to settle down in life.It is therefore very important that we set appropriate and achievable goals about the qualities that we really desire in our mate. There are certain issues about this potential mate that we must never overlook in order to save us many heartaches and the following three categories of qualities can be of very good help in prioritizing this list.

The “Must Have” Qualities

There are qualities your potential mate must possess and these are NOT negotiable. They are the deal-breakers. Either your potential partner has them or it is a no. Having a “Must Have” list will help to avoid falling into the trap of believing that your potential mate will change for the better in the course of time or that in fact, it really does not matter or that probably because “it’s you” and thus they will be different.Issues like you wanting to settle down in marriage, to have children, and issues bordering on your political or religious affinity and tolerance are certainly qualities that you should strongly consider. Other issues that you consider supremely important from the deepest recess of your heart should be included in this list. If the qualities in your “must have” list are not in your potential mate, the odds of you eventually quitting that relationship over these same issues are generally increased.

The “Must Not” Qualities

If you are not too sure what these might include, the best thing to do is to take a retrospect and reflect on the things that have always repeatedly happened to you in past relationships. Is he or she overbearingly self-conceited, proud, jealous or wanting to overly control you or seemingly too possessive, then these are certainly qualities that should enter into your list “must not”. You have to be very clear about these qualities and avoid them like the plague they are.

Other “Very Important” Qualities

These qualities are qualities that might be important to you that your potential mate could possibly possess or if they do not have, you might as well do without. These qualities would really, if they were present make, you feel quite happy to a degree but nonetheless you should give them a thought and include on this list.Having these clarifications behind us, we literally open the door for that person to walk right into our lives to fill that void and it becomes much easier for us to recognize when they really show up because our minds have already put the laws of attraction to work in our favor. Recognizing and receiving that person in our lives thus becomes a lot easier and successful.On a closing note, as you review your lists, keep your heart open and your view optimistic and before you know, voila, you would be walking down the aisle with your dream real life partner.