How to Make Him Commit to You – 22 Effective Ways

How to Make Him Commit to You - 22 Effective Ways

Perhaps the biggest agitation most women have after dating a guy for a while is about how to make him commit. It can be very frustrating for a lady when her guy keeps giving excuses and putting making a commitment off.

It can be very confusing when a guy tells you that he cares for you – perhaps loves you – yet foot-dragging or unwilling to commit to you.

This can make you even start questioning if it’s your fault that perhaps you’ve done something wrong. Also, it’s easy to start entertaining thoughts that perhaps you’re not good enough.

Feeling like you’re being strung along without any pointer about the future of your relationship can be very disheartening indeed. You simply start fearing about him leaving you at any moment.

If you find yourself in this situation, you need not fret. The fact is that how to make your man commit to you is much easier than you think.

But first, some housekeeping. The fact is that a lot of ladies approach this issue of men committing to them wrongly.

In fact, some ladies are in the habit of pushing a man to commit to them too soon into a new relationship. They fail to understand exactly what makes a man commit and fall in love with a woman.

This approach only serves to push a man further away as it simply puts pressure on him. And before long, such a guy starts contemplating withdrawing from the relationship.

The Issue with Men and Commitment

Besides the attitude of some ladies, there are also chances that a man might be having commitment issues. And this might be part of what’s making him uncomfortable or even unable in addressing his commitment issues.

Thus, the best thing to do would be to attempt uncovering and finding a solution to the underlying issues.

Also, we are very much aware that guys have more commitment problems than ladies. But ladies also have commitment issues, however the problem is more pronounced with guys.

Some men are just plain commitment-phobes. Such men are extremely afraid of losing their independence because of getting into a relationship.

However, men in general loathe the idea of being forced into making a commitment to a relationship. Men simply don’t like being pressurized.

So, if your guy is someone who’s scared of commitment, the last thing you want to do is pressurizing him to make a commitment.

Thus, how to make him commit to you is better approached from the perspective of giving him the liberty to do it himself. How to make him commit without pressure should therefore be your goal.

This is important because the more you try to make him commit, the lesser your chances of succeeding.

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Why All the Fuss About How to Make Him Commit?

It’s normal and expected of you to dream of an exclusive relationship with the guy you’re dating after a while.

You want a situation in which it becomes obligatory of him to answer your phone calls and text messages on a timely basis.

After a while into a relationship, you simply want him to start doing with him those little things that couples do for one another.

Thus, the reasons for having a sense of commitment in a relationship are not that far-fetched. Here are a couple of the major reasons:

  • It gives you a better understanding of where the relationship is headed
  • Having a sense of commitment makes you feel safe and secured knowing someone has got your back
  • Relationship intimacy deepens faster as a result
  • With it comes an atmosphere for spending more time together doing things that make both of you happy
  • It helps to bring you closer to each other, deepens, and also strengthens the connection between both of you

What Makes a Man to Commit in a Relationship?

One thing with men is that they actually know what they want and usually go for it. So, the goal is for you to understand what exactly your man wants.

When you understand what this, then provide it for him and make him want you. Then he’ll never want to be without you.

This way, How to get him to commit, if that is your ultimate goal, shouldn’t be any more difficult.

In general, a man will evaluate a relationship according to what he feels at the moment. He wants to know what he’s getting from the relationship. A man tries to see if he’s happy with the way things are going.

For the most part, your guy wants to feel happy with you and enjoy your presence. The more he can feel happy, calm, and satisfied around you, the higher the chances of him committing to you.

Another important issue has to do with the feeling of him losing his independence.

A guy shouldn’t have to feel that his commitment to you will make him stop doing the things he loves. For a guy, things like watching sports such as football, or just hanging out with his friends is very important.

Thus, to make him commit to you, your guy needs to feel that he’s gaining something rather than losing anything in the relationship. And of utmost importance is his independence.

So, let’s set the ground work for moving forward about how to make him commit. For your guy to want to commit to you, he’ll almost certainly want to feel that:

  • His independence is not at risk
  • He won’t be distracted from his purpose / goal in life
  • He’s not going to be mothered again or smothered by you

Here’s How to Make Him Commit

So, while you want to make him commit to you, you however don’t want to ask him directly. This is often where things get complicated for many ladies but which really shouldn’t be the case.

Thus, how do you make him commit to you? In the final analysis, this is exactly what you need to do.

Let him know what you want by showing him that you can give him all what he dreams of having in a relationship.

The following tips and strategies will help you in effectively communicating your need for commitment to your man.

1. First Things First – Do a Compatibility Check

Before contemplating how to get him to commit to you, it’s very important to address one very critical issue. This has to do with the issue of relationship compatibility.

How compatible are you with your new heartthrob?

Having good compatibility with your guy is perhaps the singular most important component to having a truly committed relationship.

For instance, how to get a guy to commit that doesn’t want a relationship will definitely be a daunting task. You need to have the same goals for the ultimate good of your relationship.

If there’s a lack of compatibility with your heartthrob, then it really doesn’t matter much how deeply in love you might be.

The truth is that it will be very difficult feeling comfortable in the relationship over the long haul. So, first things first – check your compatibility status before thinking of how to get him to commit.

2. Have Your Own Life

How to Make Him Commit to You - Lady spending time with her friends at a dinner

It’s pretty easy at the beginning of a new relationship to drop your whole life for a guy. You practically want to spend most of your free time with him.

This might however set off a red flag within your guy when he notices that you’re becoming too attached to him. So, you might want to avoid losing yourself completely to your relationship.

Also, you need to realize that it’s not in your best interest to push family, friends, and your hobbies aside just because of your man.

You want to have your own life that has hobbies that you engage in that makes you happy. Also have other people in your life that make it worth living besides your man.

Having an independent life that has other people and things in it that makes you happy is highly attractive. It makes your guy feel less pressured being in the relationship.

This way, he’ll miss you when you’re not around. You’ll also have more of his attention whenever you’re together again.

Thus, it’s important to let your man know that you have a life outside your relationship. This feeling of freedom around you makes him less likely to feel that committing to you will be a trap.

When you’re happy and enjoying your own life and also when you’re with him, he’ll soon realize that he can do the same too.

This takes away the fear most guys have of losing their independence once they commit to a relationship.

Thus, you’re both able to enjoy other things thereby keeping your relationship fresh. It’s also a great way to ensure that there’s always something to chat about.

3. Be True to Yourself to Make Him Commit

Maintaining your originality is a powerful way of how to make him commit without pressure.

The truth is that trying to become someone who you are not isn’t the best way to approach knowing how to make him chase you and commit to you. You simply cannot keep it up for the long haul.

Even though he loves football a lot, you don’t necessarily have to love football too. You can show an interest in things he likes but if you don’t like them, then don’t pretend that you do.

Thus, try to be true to yourself and do the things you enjoy. Let him see and know who you really are as a person. It’s better for him to know you this way from the start than later on.

Your goal should be to make your man commit to the person you really are and not someone he thinks you are. Just realize that you cannot keep up a facade for the rest of your life.

4. Connect Physically and Emotionally

This involves getting to really know who you guy is. In order to please your guy, the way he wants to be pleased, you must make an effort to get to understand who he really is.

You should attempt to understand the things your guy hates and those that he likes doing. Try as much as possible to know everything there is about him without encroaching on his privacy.

One of the best ways to really connect with your guy on an emotional level is to become emotionally vulnerable with him.

Becoming emotionally vulnerable with your guy will help you better show him your true self – in and out. This can help you create a safe space where he can also express his feelings.

Once your guy is able to connect with you on this level, you’ll come to truly understand what makes a man commit and fall in love with a lady and how easy it can be.

Emotional vulnerability is perhaps the most powerful tool healthy couples use in building strong and intimate relationships that are enduring.

When both of you can express your true feelings in such a safe and conducive atmosphere, you’ll have no difficulty figuring out how to make him commit without pressure.

Through emotional vulnerability, you can make yourself become so special to your guy that he’ll even start fearing losing you. This is one great way of how to make him commit without pressure.

5. Be Mysterious

How to Make Him Commit to You- Lady hugging her man and pointing her finger

Maintaining an air of mystery around you is another great example of what makes a man commit and fall in love. Becoming mysterious is one of the biggest turn-on and motivation that can keep your guy highly interested in you.

Since there’s no commitment from him yet, you can keep a sense of mystery by not disclosing every important detail of your life to him.

However, you need not be dishonest about it in any way. You simply need to learn how to hold back and slowly share bits and pieces of personal information with him.

Thus, avoid the urge to rattle on endlessly about your childhood or telling him about every little thing you do. So, while you can tell him that you went out on a night out with the girls, you can leave out the details of where exactly you went.

Let him sense that there’s more to who you are to help subtly put the pressure on him to commit. Make him become seriously intrigued by your personality and watch how fast he’ll commit to you.

When your guy isn’t able to read you like an open book, it propels him to want to discover all there is about you.

The goal therefore is to make him subconsciously realize that he can only unravel the mystery that is you by taking a step to being exclusive with you.

However, ensure that you don’t take it to the point where he starts becoming suspicious of your actions. You don’t want him to walk away because he feels you’re hiding things from him.

Instead, apply a degree of subtlety to whatever tactics you intend using in keeping yourself mysterious to him.

6. Put Your Needs First

This might sound selfish but loving yourself first is important if you’re serious about how to make him chase you and commit to you.

In fact, you need to stop making your guy the number one priority in your life – and this is very important. It’s actually one of the best ways to make him crave your presence.

Are you in the habit of cancelling on your friends when he asks you out at the last minute? Or do you readily clear out everything else on your schedule just to spend time with him?

If so, you need to stop immediately if you want to make him miss you and commit to you. You need to avoid appearing readily available at his beck and call – this only serves to reduce your attractiveness.

To get him obsessed with you and desire an exclusive relationship with you as his girlfriend, you need to stop giving him all your attention.

Instead you need to focus that attention on yourself. Get involved in things that make you happy and that will increase your self-esteem and passion for life.

These are very alluring traits and what your guy wants to see in his potential girlfriend or wife. Also, they’re the stuffs that makes a guy want to dedicate himself to you and become part of your world.

So, get him more attracted and obsessed with you by first stopping to go out of your way for him all the time. Secondly, start really engaging in social events and other activities that makes you happy.

7. Make Him Commit by Rocking His World

In general, men want to be around women who can make them feel awesome about themselves and blow their minds. If you can’t make your man feel this way, it’ll be hard for him to commit to you.

Your guy wants to enjoy your company and feel not just good and happy but awesome around you. At the same time, men generally enjoy being around women who are happy and fun loving themselves.

And if you’re to be honest with yourself, you also want someone who rocks your world and makes you happy. As a result, it’s not only about rocking his world but also feeling rocked in your own personal world.

A simple way of how to make him chase you and commit to you is to start giving him a reason to laugh more when he’s around you. You need to also try to create more avenues to have fun with him and to enjoy every moment together.

And always remember that it’s never advisable to commit to someone who’s not rocking your world one way or another.

Never commit to a relationship out of pressure or feeling that it’s what you “should” do. You would simply be setting yourself up for an unhappy and disappointing relationship.

Only commit to someone out of true love and mutual understanding. You should also ensure that you truly feel happy and good about yourself when you’re around them.

8. Keep It Fun and Light to Make Him Commit

How to Make Him Commit to You - Lady havng a good laugh over drinks with her guy

If you really want to know how to make him chase you and commit to you then you’d want to understand how to keep your relationship fun and light.

The idea of keeping things light, fun, and easy going is very simple. No man wants a lady who will add stress and drama to his life – period.

Making the whole relationship and commitment thing look overly serious will simply put your guy off.

Neither your guy nor any man at that, wants to be with a lady who appears gloomy, boring, or full of negative emotions.

So, you rather want to make your relationship one that’s easy going, fun, and carefree.

But there’s one important thing you need to do to actually achieve this. And that’s striving to make your guy associate being with you with all things that are fun and easygoing.

So, make sure that you’re having great fun together whenever you go bowling, taking a little road trip, or simply checking out the latest movies together. Make him to always have a good time whenever both of you hang out.

At other times, you can simply just tease him, tell a funny joke or two, or let your guard down and simply become playful with him.

When your guy is able to have so much fun around you, it becomes much easier to make a commitment. He’ll not only fall in love with you but also with the idea of committing to you.

9. Reward Him to Make Him Commit

One general thing about men is that they like to be rewarded for their efforts. This is why they like playing games because of the anticipated reward at the end.

So, when your guy goes out his way to do something special for you, take the time out to reward him for it.

Rewarding him doesn’t have to be through any kind of special action or expensive thing. You’re not trying to repay him directly in kind for what he’s done but instead appreciating him for it.

Thus, you can reward your guy by simply saying “thank you” to him. You can also do this by giving him a tight hug or just planting a hot kiss on his cheek. But this doesn’t stop you from getting him little things like those delectable cupcakes from his favorite bakery.

Rewarding your guy makes him feel like a real man who is capable of taking care of his woman and making her happy. Knowing that he can please you this way is something every man secretly craves after – feeling like a hero.

When you appreciate his efforts, it shows that you like those kinds of thing. This has the effect of making him do more things just to please and make you happy. And before you know it, your guy will have committed to you for real.

10. Make Him Invest in You

It’s an established fact that we appreciate things we invest in. This perhaps explains why we have sentimental attachment to things we invest ourselves, time, and financial resources in.

The same principle holds true for relationships. And it explains why we tend to care more about relationships that we put more effort into.

This is definitely one other great way of how to make him commit without pressure. Thus, you need to learn how to get your guy to invest in you to make him commit to you.

These investments can be things as simple as asking him to drop you off at the airport. Or, probably asking him to come help you fix your bedroom light fixtures during the weekend.

These favors are basically small tasks that may not seem like much. However, with time, thy can make him start feeling subconsciously attached to you.

This is basically a fulfillment of the “Ben Franklin Effect” theory. The theory states that people tend to like you more if they do favors for you.

So, don’t be shy to ask him to do small favors for you every now and then. You’ll be surprised at how soon he’ll become connected to you and desirous of a committed relationship with you.

11. Make Him Earn It

Men by nature enjoy challenges and don’t really like the easy things in life. This natural tendency in men provides yet another effective way of how to make him commit without pressure.

Also, you need to realize that men want to see that the things they’re working for are actually worth their time.

Another reality is that both partners in a relationship have to work to earn each other’s commitment. So, you need to earn his commitment just as much as he has to earn yours.

But where this can play to your advantage is the fact that men like challenges. So, what you can do is simply to demonstrate to your guy that your commitment isn’t so easy to win over.

This means that you want your guy to show signs that he loves you. You expect him to demonstrate this through acts like being able to listen to you and support you. He should also be able to make you feel happy and proud about yourself when you’re around him.

Taking this as a challenge, your man will appreciate stepping up to the plate to accomplish these tasks.

12. Keep Him Guessing to Make Him Commit

How to Make Him Commit - Young lady keeping her man guessing

Mystery is one of the most feminine things that men find attractive. In that same vein, you’ll want to keep your guy guessing about whether you seriously intend dating him.

What this means is that you don’t want to appear too predictable to your guy. You want him never to know what to expect from you at any time by constantly shaking things up.

So you need to start reducing your usual routines around him in order to make him commit to you. This might even involve little things like your hairdo. You could also try out a new sexy outfit that will captivate him.

Also try taking up and engaging in completely new activities than the ones he might already associate you with.

You might also suggest trying out a completely new restaurant that both of you have never been to before.

And if you want, you can even turn things up a notch. For instance, you can maintain your distance by going incommunicado for a day without giving him any clarifications about your whereabouts. Or perhaps attend a social event without letting him know about it.

Find very spontaneous and exhilarating changes that can add spice to your relationship and keep him on his toes.

The uncertainty about what to expect from you will make him eagerly look forward to more engaging activities with you.

As a result, your guy is bound to stop taking you for granted. He’ll come to realize that your presence in his life isn’t something that’s guaranteed.

This is one interesting way of how to make him commit without pressure. You’re simply making him get into an exclusive relationship with you through the exciting intrigues the guessing produces in him.

13. Don’t Use Pressure to Make Him Commit

I know that how to make him commit means a lot to you. But frankly, it’s still best for you to act as if it’s not a big deal.

It’s just so much better this way especially when it comes to how to get a guy to commit that doesn’t want a relationship.

Or, perhaps there are signs that he wants a relationship, but then you still need to know how to make him commit without pressure.

Thus, you need to apply the brakes and slow things down a bit.

First, you really need to avoid getting swept up in your own thoughts of your happy life together. Stop sending off signals to your guy that you’re in it for the long haul.

Calm down! Realize that committing to a long-term relationship with you is a choice that your guy has to make for himself.

Applying pressure to make your guy commit to you simply takes away his choice to do this willingly.

When it comes to developing a long-term healthy relationship, trying to make your guy do things your way is never a good habit.

In fact, pressuring him to commit to you does more harm than good to the health of the relationship.

And very importantly, you need to realize that men don’t like to be told what to do.

When they are able to see that this is the case, which is quite often, chances are that they’ll do something completely different.

So even if getting him to commit to you means so much to you, you need to still learn the art of how to make him commit without pressure. Just keep reading!

14. Integrate into His Life to Make Him Commit

If you want to make him commit to you – your guy needs to feel that you’ve got his back. He wants to feel that you can connect with him and support him on a deeper level.

When you effectively integrate yourself into his life, you’ll make the whole commitment issue feel very natural to your guy.

Your guy will readily see the need to commit to you once he feels that you believe in his dreams and have a genuine interest in what he does.

Apart from his ambitions and dreams, you can also take interest in his hobbies. Try asking him about them and whether you can join him on his next outing.

When integrating yourself into his life, you need to do it without coming off too strong or appearing too available. You want to slowly and subtly made the integration into his life. Your ultimate goal is to make him view his life as boring without you in it.

One simple but highly effective way is by consistently texting or calling him at a set time every day. This can be a “good morning” text message or an evening call when he’d be back home. Before long, he’ll be on the lookout for your daily check-ins.

You can then switch things up by going incommunicado for a day or two days in a row. This will make him start wondering about what has happened to you and your daily check-ins.

Soon enough, he’ll realize that those text messages and phone calls have become a significant part of his daily life. Things he doesn’t want to live without.

And you can expect him to want to become more serious and committed to you very soon.

15. Get Along with His Friends

Lady having fun with her guy's friends in the park

When searching for ways of how to make him commit without pressure, you might want to consider the place of friends in your guy’s life. This is one hell of an effective shortcut when it comes to how to make him commit to you.

In fact, when contemplating how to make him commit, it’s important to ensure that you’ve introduced him to your friends and that he has also done the same.

It’s interesting to know that most guys will seek the approval of their friends – even though it might be subconsciously – before committing to a lady.

Most guys really want to know if the people that are closest to them approve of their relationship. Their approval simply makes things a lot easier.

As result, you want to be cool with his best friends. You want to truly come off as cordial, friendly, and lighthearted when around his best friends.

Avoid putting on a fake persona when in the company of his friends. They’ll easily see right through you. Instead, show a real personal interest in their interests and lives, while having a great laugh with them.

You should also avoid trying to stop him from seeing and going out with his friends. And if you don’t like one or more of his friends, don’t try driving a wedge between them by criticizing them to him.

Leaving a good impression on his best friends will make them love you. This way, they’ll more than likely put in a good word about you.

So, their loving you can have a very positive effect on your guy’s decision-making. It can help him realize how good you are for him and make him decide to commit to you.

16. Try to Make Him a Better Man

The fact is that there must be something to gain before your guy, or anyone else for that matter, would want to get into a committed relationship.

You need to understand that men are competitive creatures by nature who love feeling like they’re true winners.

Given this nature, if you can inspire your guy to become a winner in any area of his life, you stand an increased chance of getting him to commit to you.

This is obviously another subtle but highly effective way of how to make him commit without pressure.

You simply have to show your guy that your presence adds significant value to his life.

Without saying it, let your guy realize that your presence in his life makes it more fun, purposeful, and loving.

This way, he’ll consider you to be different from the other ladies in his life and someone worth committing to.

You’ll make him feel like he’s found the woman he’s been searching for in his life. As a result, he’ll be willing to do practically anything possible to keep you in his life.

Improving his life means that you’re offering your guy something no other woman is offering him. And even if they are trying to, you simply outshine and do it better than them all.

So, you need to try and understand your guy and more importantly help him become the best version of himself he can be. Your ability to achieve this will create in him a deep desire to commit to you.

17. Don’t Try to Change Your Man to Make Him Commit

To truly be with a guy in a relationship is to learn to accept him for who he is. If he has attitudes that you cannot tolerate then you shouldn’t even be trying to make him commit to you.

There’s nothing absolutely wrong in trying to make the life of your guy better. However, it’s a whole different ball game if you’re trying to change him.

No man wants a woman who’s always trying to change him into someone he’s not.

In fact, several research studies have found that this simply doesn’t work. Thus, it’s best you desist from trying to change your guy.

What you can do is to let him make such changes at his own pace and style. The decision should completely rest with him.

Continually pestering your guy to change or consistently trying to mold him into what you want is a futile undertaking. You won’t be able to get your guy to truly commit to you this way. Period.

18. Stop Talking About Commitment

Couple having uneasy conversation

Perhaps the biggest mistake most ladies make about how to make him commit is constantly asking the guy they’re dating to commit to them. This is a complete turn off and should be avoided at all cost.

If for no other reason, this has the potential of putting pressure on your guy. And as has been repeatedly stated in this post, no man wants to be pressured or forced to do anything.

The fact is that no one likes pressure because it usually causes stress. At the same time, nobody really wants to be with someone who stresses them out.

Also, the more you complain about how your guy won’t commit to you, the more stress you put upon yourself. At the same time, it makes you appear needy and clingy. In reality, it doesn’t do both of you any good.

Thus, talking about commitment with your guy should be a big no-no when it comes to learning how to make him commit without pressure.

Every time you bring up a discussion about commitment with your guy, you simply push him further away from you.

At the moment, you need to completely remove all talks about dating and commitment from your vocabulary.

When you do this, he’ll think you’ve let go of the whole idea of commitment. With time, he’ll come around to asking himself why that is the case. This will make him to start thinking about the whole idea of commitment even more.

Thus, avoiding to discuss commitment related issues with him is a great way of how to make him commit without pressure.

Soon enough, he’ll mostly be thinking of being with you and won’t hesitate much longer before committing to you.

19. Become Scarce to Make Him Commit

It’s pretty normal in a new relationship to get carried away and want to regularly be with your guy. However, this isn’t what you should be doing at this point in time.

You can actually make your guy commit to you a lot quicker by learning how to make him miss you and commit to you.

The goal is that instead of spending all your free time with him, you rather want to start keeping a healthy distance from him.

In fact, nothing will make your guy commit to you faster than the fear of losing you. And you can achieve this by making him miss you like hell!

So, you really want to start playing hard to get with him – but just a little bit. You don’t want to overdo this and run the risk of him losing interest altogether.

When you suddenly become scarce to your guy, a lot of things start going on in his mind about you.

First, he’ll start missing you and craving for your presence. And if he’s like most guys, he’ll frequently start asking himself about where you might be, what you’re doing, and especially with whom.

This technique is simply about how to get him to commit by pulling away and it’s a very powerful one!

Soon, your guy will start to give more importance and value to the time he gets to spend with you. He’ll also realize just how much he actually misses you.

More importantly, he’ll come to realize just how much he doesn’t want another guy to swoop you away. And you can be sure that it’s only a matter of time before he becomes exclusive with you.

20. Never Use Sex to Make Him Commit

Lady being talked to by her guy in the bedroom

While being physical with your guy is an important part of building a strong long-term relationship, it isn’t the be all and end all. In general, you should never attempt using sex to make your guy commit to you.

Attempting to sleep with your guy to make him commit to you only serves to push him away from you.

This has never been a good way to attempt establishing a long-term relationship with a guy. More often than not, it easily backfires and not really worth your time and effort.

Besides sex, building a healthy long-term relationship also requires you and your guy sharing a strong emotional bond. This involves enjoying other things together that doesn’t involve sex.

Building a strong emotional bond relies on the continual development of certain relationship components. This includes things such as trust, communication, fun, and others.

You can develop strong emotional bonds by going out for dinners, taking regular weekend trips, or hitting the gym together.

21. Hint Him About Your Ex to Make Him Commit

When done in a very subtle and decent way, this strategy about how to make him chase you and commit to you is highly effective.

It’s all about hinting your guy about your ex contacting you. This is a really great way to ruffle his feathers a bit.

Getting such information may make him start wondering about why your ex might be contacting you. The goal is that this will motivate him to want to get serious with you.

And you don’t really need to be too detailed about it. Just casually tell him that your ex has been texting or emailing you.

Then, subtly tell him that’s its really nothing serious and that he doesn’t need to worry about it.

Yet, you might have blocked your ex on all social media platforms and not spoken with him for over five years. But all that really doesn’t matter.

It’s just a simple mind game to make your guy start taking you more seriously. The perceived revived interest from your ex is all you need to do the magic.

Men simply like being competitive. Your guy surely wouldn’t want to lose you to your ex.

If he’s really serious about you, he’ll start to invest more into the relationship. He’ll want to prevent your ex from swooping in and stealing your heart away from him.

His goal now will be to show you how much of a better catch he is than your ex.

When he becomes really serious, he might even ask you to completely cut off communication with your ex. And before long he’ll be desiring an exclusive relationship with you.

22. Keep Your Options Open

You need to realize that before a guy makes a commitment and enters into an exclusive relationship with you, you’re free to date other men.

Though you might not be seriously interested in these other guy, just make sure that you keep your options open. Go out and casually date other guys while working on how to make him chase you and commit to you.

This has a lot of benefits. Keeping your options open takes the pressure off your shoulders and helps you to relax more.

It also helps you keep your mind from being preoccupied with your guy. Likewise, it reduces the incessant worries of when he’ll come to his senses and commit to you.

Your apparent unavailability while casually dating other guys will put more pressure on him to want to take the relationship to the next level. This pressure will mostly be fueled by the fear that other guys are attracted to you and that one might win your heart before he does.

Closing Thoughts on How to Make Him Commit

There are actually lots of ways that lead to a man’s heart. And I hope that you’ve discovered some great ideas on how to make him commit to you for the long-term.

But in all honesty, getting your guy to commit is not an easy task. As the list above clearly indicates, it’s a process that requires lots of dedication, patience, and understanding.

One point I’ll want you to always remember is the fact that you cannot force your guy to commit. Well, that is if you’re actually interested in having a successful and thriving long-term relationship.

You must let your guy freely make that decision himself. What you have to do is to show him the several reasons why he needs to and why it has to be you.

You need not despair even when he seems distant and detached at times. He might just be putting up an act.

If you put in sufficient effort into several of the methods discussed above, you’ll be able to get him to commit.

Just hang in there and continue to subtly remind him of why you’re the best lady he can commit to. And soon, you’ll make him want and desire only you!

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Commitment can be a tricky topic to discuss in a relationship. However, are you interested in finding out how to make your man commit to you? Here are the top 22 proven steps you can use to make him commit to you.