How to Tell If You Are in Love

How to Tell If You Are in LoveThis is perhaps the biggest question that can be asked in a relationship. And for sure, for the larger population, this is not an easy one to just give a yes or no answer. What is it that really gives you the assurance that you are truly in love?The emotions involved in an intense romantic passion initiates the release of some biochemical substances in the brain called excitatory neurotransmitters. These biochemical substances which include dopamine, oxytocin, adrenaline, and vasopression play a role in manipulating the part of the human brain which controls our perception, thoughts and moods, and these consequently dictate our actions.When in love, the whole body gets involved and places itself inside a powerful physiological, biochemical, neurohormonal state of loop. In this state of mind of being in love, we lose control and no longer respond rationally to our experiences. While love can be a blissful euphoria, it can also rob one of the ability to function. Therefore, the heart can at times be misleading.How can you then tell if your current partner or the one your heart is running after at the moment is the right one for you? Or you might instead be asking, “am I really in love with this person?” The best answer to this question is, “You’ll just know”.While this answer might sound too simplistic, it is the best answer that can give you a near perfect resolution to these nagging questions. Why are you asking the questions in the first place? Do you still have doubts about your partner? Are still harboring any fears? Have you truly asked yourself why do these questions keep cropping up?Most of the time, these questions might be pointing us in the right direction but equally they can be misleading and biased based on current circumstances we might find ourselves. However, if you find yourself spending a lot of time pondering over these questions then it’s clear that you still have some doubt about your current relationship status.Therefore, a more sure way of finding out if your current partner is the love you have been searching for and to know if you are in love with them, is by checking out how compatible you are together. Can two walk together accept they be agreed, according to the Wisdom Literatures. There must be cohesion and understanding for a true love relationship to flourish. Compatibility is the foundation of any true love.A successful relationship has to be founded on the emotional compatibility of both partners. Both need to seek the happiness and personal satisfaction in their mates which is an important component of their happiness and mutual sexual enjoyment.It is far easier to do this when you are not yet involved with anyone. You should be able to tell what you find in this individual that you like or dislike. Does him/her possess the personality traits you are looking out for in someone with whom you are willing to spend the rest of your life with?If you are already in a relationship, there is bound to be some degree of interference or prejudice when reevaluating your current partner’s characteristics against the personality trait of your preferred partner. However in this situation, it is still very possible to make the right decision but it will require coming to terms with one’s emotions and reality on ground, being determined and sincere in the evaluation process.Anyone who is able to find his/her partner and still staying together without first determining what it is that they specifically wanted in a partner did so purely through intuition. They simply find a spouse, determine that they are to a very large extent compatible and commit to a long term relationship.So, if you are unsure whether you are in love or not with your current partner, then chances are that you are not! It might just be an indicator of your true feeling towards your spouse. Your best here would be to discover what it is your really want in your perfect partner. This is the truer because true love, is finding that compatibility in relationship.