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How to Tell If You Are in Love »

This is perhaps the biggest question that can be asked in a relationship. And for sure, for the larger population, this is not an easy one to just give a yes or no answer. What is it that really gives you the assurance that you are truly in love?

5 Fun Ideas for a Romantic Valentine’s Day »

Love is certainly a unique sensation. The one that is in love can feel euphoric and exuberant, and feels as though enjoying each and every moment of life. Valentine’s Day is certainly one such day that is particularly designed to proclaim and commemorate one’s love for the beloved. The whole concept is usually to have great time doing anything you appreciate but with one another.

Pheromones – The Scent of Love »

How wonderful it would feel finding that there’s an invisible, undetectable chemical force that’s powerful enough to override your sense of reason yet draws you to someone with an almost animalistic passion. Have you ever wondered why you feel an irresistible attraction towards certain people? Pheromone might just be the culprit.

The New Science of Happiness »

What makes the human heart sing? Researchers are taking a close look. What they’ve found may surprise you as they embark on an examination of what does and does not make people feel satisfied with life.

The Biology Of Joy »

Happiness isn’t just a vague, ineffable feeling; it’s a physical state of the brain-one that you can induce deliberately. Discoveries about happiness or related mental states like hopefulness, optimism and contentment appear to have tremendous positive health benefits.

The Right Chemistry »

O.K., let cut out all this nonsense about romantic love. Let’s bring some scientific precision to the party. Let’s put love under a microscope. What seems on the surface to be irrational, intoxicated behavior is in fact part of nature’s master strategy – as love rests firmly on the foundations of evolution, biology and chemistry.

What Is Love? »

After centuries of ignoring the subject as too vague and mushy, science has undergone a change of heart about the tender passion.

8 Steps towards a More Satisfying Life »

Want to lift your level of happiness? Here are 8 solid tips by a seasoned professional with guaranteed satisfaction (for at least a temporary boost).

Savouring Happy Moments to Build Emotional Strength »

Taking time to appreciate the positive things that happen in your daily life can help boost your overall satisfaction and build resilience to cope with tough times, study findings show. If happiness is something you want out of life, then focusing on the small moments and cultivating positive emotions is the way to go.

Garlic Yields Up Its Health Secret »

The same source of garlic’s pungent aroma and taste may provide its benefits to health, scientists say. Allicin which gives garlic its aroma and flavour provides the food’s health benefits and makes it a powerful antioxidant.