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  • Erectile Dysfunction – Issues and Solutions

    Erectile Dysfunction - Issues and Solutions

    If you are having difficulty having an erection, or sustaining one once it is achieved, and this is taking a toll on you and your relationship, then this article is to help you understand what you are going through and how to effectively solve this dreaded problem most men past through in their lives.

  • Premature Ejaculation – Issues and Solutions

    Premature Ejaculation - Issues and Solutions

    Premature ejaculation causes marked distress or interpersonal difficulty for a man and his partner as it allows neither partner to enjoy the sexual act in a proper manner. The time period that qualifies for premature ejaculation has however become a highly debatable topic owing to the fact that men ejaculate at different times during...

  • Herbal Treatments for Male Sexual Dysfunction

    Herbal Treatments for Male Sexual Dysfunction

    Today, there is growing interest in alternative medication for the cure and treatment of the two most common sexual disorders that most men fear - Erectile Dysfunction (ED) and Premature Ejaculation (PE). Herbal medicine in the treatment of these two dysfunctions has increased owing to growing realization of their effectiveness based on both historical...

  • Prostate Cancer – An Overview and Risk Factors

    Prostate Cancer - An Overview and Risk Factors

    Prostate cancer is the most common non-skin cancer and second only to lung cancer in cancer related deaths. Sometimes this cancer can be small, slow growing and present limited risk to the patient while at other times it can progress rapidly presenting great health risks. However with early detection, it can be effectively treated...

  • Prostate Cancer – Treatment Options

    Prostate Cancer - Treatment Options

    Although some cancers may grow so slowly that treatment may not be needed, other grow fast and are a threat to life. While there are a number of ways to treat prostate cancer, determining the need for treatment and the type of treatment can be a difficult decision.

  • Low Sex Drive – How to Naturally Increase Male Libido

    The intensity of libido is highly variable between individuals as well as within an individual over a given period of time. To boost your libido, you should look for supplements that have a good quantity of and are rich in the following four supplements for an overall male sexual wellness and a guaranteed increase...

  • Essential Vitamins & Minerals for Increased Sex Drive

    A low sex drive (libido) is something you don't have to settle to live with as there are vitamins and minerals that can help you reinvigorate your sex life and take your libido to an all new high without resorting to synthetic drugs like Viagra and Cialis

  • Viagra – The Little Blue Pill

    Viagra - The Little Blue Pill

    Viagra is arguably the most recognizable erectile dysfunction treatment drug in the world today. It is the first oral treatment approved for the treatment of erectile dysfunction in the United States. What is this - little blue pill - all about? The answers are not that far-fetched.

  • Prostate Cancer – Symptoms and Diagnosis

    In its early stages, prostate cancer often causes no symptoms. When initial symptoms do occur, they may vary to certain degrees. In general, the earlier prostate cancer is detected, the better the outlook for the patient in terms of cure or arresting the cancer progression.

  • Viagra – Myths and Facts

    Viagra – Myths and Facts

    Viagra has been an incredibly successful medical product, winning a reputation as the fastest-selling drug yet. However there has been a lot misinformation and therefore misunderstanding about this media proclaimed ultimate wonder drug for men. What exactly does Viagra do and does not do?