Reasons Why Men Cheat

Reasons Why Men CheatThe propensity for most men to cheat on their spouse can be said to be one of the most common and painful issues that women have with the men folks in their lives. However, it would be foolhardy to believe that there is a way to be fully protected and insured against this particular tendency that a lot of men exhibit.It is estimated that about 60% of men cheat on their partners – and 70% of wives don’t have a clue. The following survey findings carried out by Counsellor M. Gart Neuman (author of The Truth About Cheating) on some 200 cheating and non-cheating husbands, are interesting to consider when wanting to find out the reasons why most men cheat.
  1. 48% of men rated emotional dissatisfaction as the primary reason they cheated
  2. 66% of cheating men report feeling guilt during the affair
  3. 77% of cheating men have a good friend who cheated
  4. 40% of cheating men met the other woman at work
  5. 12% of cheating men said their mistress was more physically attractive than their wife
  6. 6% of cheating men had sex with a woman after meeting her that same day or night
With that in mind, an understanding of the more possible reasons why most men indulge in extramarital affairs can help a woman reduce the probability of her man cheating on her and in that regard, below are some of the reasons why men cheat on their spouses.

They Love the Challenge and Excitement

This basically has nothing to do with the woman as it is natural for men to want to experience challenges and overcome them to ascertain and confirm their self worth.Part of this challenge for most men is to get women to like them and be attracted to them and not just the pleasure that is the end product of the challenge. Cheating in a relationship is dangerous, but with it comes an excitement so alluring and irresistible to most men.This impulsive drive is what makes most men to always seek novelty and variety in the choice of their sex partners to fulfill their desire for excitement and satisfaction. Whether this craving is by evolution, biology or simple novelty, infidelity researchers agree that men do seek different sex partners.

Their Partner’s Mediocre Sex Life

Generally, men want more sex than women and few men will stick around or be happy with a woman who is a mediocre sex partner. Very few men will be blunt and open enough to criticise a woman’s performance in bed and rather keeps quiet about it and go outside the home to look for that satisfaction with someone else no matter how beautiful their spouse might be. Thus when a woman is unable to keep her partner sexually happy, excited and satisfied, she might just be giving him the go ahead to cheat on her.

They have an Argumentative Spouse

If you spouse is someone who nags frequently and complains just about anything, then there is a high tendency for her partner to want to always be away from her and thus the opportunity for him to cheat on her increases.

They have Unfulfilled Desires and are Growing Apart

When a woman loses her appeal to her spouse and he no longer finds things that were once interesting about her interesting any more, and he happens to run into someone else who he discovers share his common interest and looks compatible, he may then be tempted to get involved in an affair with her.Unfulfilled desires in a man’s life can also lead him to cheat. In such circumstances, most men do not want to end the relationship with their spouse but instead seek for alternative ways of getting them fulfilled even when it might boil down to cheating.

They have Fallen Out of Love

It interesting to note that for most guy, sex and love are two entirely different things. However, the emotional attachment that has existed between the partners makes it very difficult and often inconceivable for the man to think of leaving the relationship.When a man falls out of love with his spouse, most of the time he simply just sticks around for obligatory reasons which can be either the children in the relationship or financial duties. As a result, he often seeks satisfaction and fulfilment outside the relationship.

As Payback to Get Even

When a man has been cheated on or discovers that his spouse is cheating on him, it would be convenient for him to want to do just the same to help reduce the hurt and as a reassurance of his manhood.

As an Ego Booster

Just like the chase through which he caught his spouse, men generally want to always be attractive to the opposite sex and when a woman shows some interest, they instantly become alive to the chase at hand. A man’s ego can be puffed up when he finally cheats after an exciting pursuit of this new found attention.

As an Exit from a Relationship

A deep-seated fear of intimacy can be a very hard thing for most men to overcome. While majority of men that cheat on their spouses do not have the intention of leaving their marriages there are those who because of this fear of breaking up with their spouse cheat on them as an excuse to leave the relationship.

Women Let Men Cheat

When a man knows that his spouse has low self esteem, dreads to be lonely, insecure and is dependent on him, they might assume the alpha male status and consider cheating normal.Also, where a man has been caught cheating in the past and forgiven by his spouse, there is always the likelihood of him repeating the same as he believes that he will be forgiven again if caught.

Like the Feeling of not being Caught

For some men this may well be a motivating factor as they believe that as long as their spouse does not find out about their extramarital activities, then no harm has been done to her. Those men who are excited by the thrill of the secrecy involved in an extramarital affair will take advantage of any situation that will bring him such levels of excitement.

A Convenient Opportunity Appeared

Life is full of tempting moments which might present irresistible sexual offers to a man. Since sexual offers are a rarity in the life of most men and coupled with the fact that it is difficult for the average man to say no to sexual advances, a majority would rather not let such a convenient opportunity slip through their fingers for nothing.As a closing remark, despite the excuses given above on why men cheat, the decision to cheat or stay faithful is something that is not in the control of any woman. It is entirely up to the man to decide whether to cheat on his spouse or remain faithful.Though we cannot fully understand the reasons why most men cheat on their spouses, it is important however that before a man decides to cheat, he should ask himself the question: Is it worth it? Can’t you rather be man enough to sit your spouse down and sort out any differences there might be in the relationship? Think on this, and be a man about it for once!