Reasons Why Women Cheat

Reasons Why Women CheatInfidelity is apparently no longer a male related issue but is growing exponentially among the females. The stigma associated with women who cheat on their spouse have gradually eroded. Nowadays, most infidelity by women hardly raise an eyebrow. While there might be an increase in the amount of infidelity among women, according to available statistics, men are still more culpable in this notorious act.Men often regard women as being naive. What they fail to realise is that women may not always be that nice. This is especially when hurt or when not treated properly. A woman might do the impossible, often unbelievable and unthinkable things if scorned by her spouse. If she does these because of something her spouse did or failed to do, then she might do it without a single regret.While men may react quickly to offences committed by their spouse, for most women it could take days, weeks, months or even years but she will take her time to get back at her spouse to even the score and this often applies to infidelity. Also, while most men cheat for more physical reasons, women on their part cheat mostly for emotional reasons which include loneliness, revenge, boredom, low self-esteem etc, rather than lust.There might be a multitude of reasons why women cheat but below in no particular order are a few of the more major reasons why women are reported to cheat on their spouses.

Bored in the Relationship

Women are naturally romantic and always want to be at the centre of attention of their spouse’s world. The romantic dinners, surprise getaways and anything that will bring a spark of romance to enlivens a woman’s heart and make her feel special are the things that a man must never forget to keep on doing to his spouse if he wants her to remain faithful to him. When the routine of daily chores start to take a toll on them, women generally become bored in a relationship.

Not Enough Sex and Bedroom Boredom

While men are the ones who naturally want more sex than the women, things like pressure from work, mortgage and other responsibility can make a man reduce the amount of sex in the relationship or completely push it to the background. If you do not want your woman to cheat on you, then for all it takes do not let life and its responsibility get in the way of your sex life and other romantic things like kissing and cuddling.Also, men should avoid becoming too monotonous sexually. Variety they say is the spice of life and always using the same position, same timing and setting can make sex become a drag. Many women cheat as a result of being bored with the monotony of sex in their current relationship and therefore seek to bring excitement back into their life through engaging in an extramarital affair. Make sex the best fun it can be and avoid routine by reducing repetitive sex patterns.Men should therefore never forget that women have sexual and emotional needs that must be met for them to remain happy and contented in a relationship and that they need to dutifully give their undivided attention to meeting these needs or they may well be inadvertently inviting a stranger to help them out.

Lack of Self Esteem

If a woman has low self esteem and is not getting adequate amount of admiration from her partner, being found desirable by another man often would compensate for what they feel they lack in their relationship.Simple flattery from a strange male admirer can make such a woman suddenly feel sexier, more beautiful and loved just knowing that someone has taken interest in her. This insecurity generated by the lack of self esteem often leads women to seek affirmation of their desirability outside the relationship by engaging in extramarital affair.

As Payback for Past Wrong/Cheating

As the saying goes “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”. It is obviously no longer “a man’s world” where they expect to eat their cake and have it. The modern woman is no longer willing to lay back and accept the fact that their spouse can cheat on them.A woman might feel scorned, betrayed, or wounded by a wrong done by her spouse that might be cheating on her. It might even be something else for which she has not forgiven her spouse yet. Cheating on him might be a way to get her pound of flesh. She feels that by this she can hurt her spouse just as she has been hurt. Cheating might therefore be her way of avenging and repaying the wrong done to her by her spouse.Though every woman handles infidelity differently, if she has not forgiven her spouse, she will either take him back to even the score or she will not have anything to do with him.

Finds no Fulfillment in the Relationship

Generally, women require commitment from their spouses in some sort of way. If they have been in a long term relationship and nothing seems to be coming out of it, then trouble might be brewing in that relationship. No matter what women revolution might have brought along with it, every woman from the depth of her heart still yearn for a place to call home especially a house, a marriage, some kind of commitment and hopefully to start a family.This is probably the most important reason women cheat. When she is unhappy and dissatisfied and if her spouse is not giving her what she wants or needs in the relationship, a woman might make the relationship miserable for her spouse and cheating on him could be a very tempting proposition.

Having Pre-midlife Crisis

Women go through a lot experiences like drastic weight loss or gain, new job, new friends, and a pre-midlife crisis, which is similar to the male midlife crisis, only a lot worse with an important difference – a difference that can actually make women more likely to cheat than men.During this period, if the communication lines between her and spouse are not open, the tendency to want to talk to someone over these issues might lead her to cheat where a male counterpart with a listening ear is available.

Lack of Intimacy

There is nothing women crave like intimacy in a relationship. Little things like hugging, kissing, touching, and cuddling with open communication are things that make women more attached to a relationship than just the sex (although this is also very important).

Feeling Neglected and Unappreciated

Never forget to do those little things that counts for your woman every now and then as these add up to show her how much you appreciate her efforts. Women’s feelings and emotions run deeper than often thought. As a consequence, they are very sensitive when unappreciated and neglected.One the most important things in a woman life that you should avoid forgetting are her special days like her birthday, an anniversary or other special days that she might naturally look up to you doing something special for her.

Exit Strategy

Just like some men are afraid of breaking up a relationship and prefer to cheat as an excuse to break away from the relationship, women also have this tendency when they feel their needs are not being met in the relationship. They consider it harder to deal with a broken relationship and cheating is seen as a much easier way of quitting the relationship.

Because They Can

Modernity and the change in current women status has provided women with much more opportunities to stray compared to earlier decades. Today, you have a lot of women who like their male counterparts go on business trips and are involved in a lot of social events.To avoid your spouse being unfaithful to you, the most important thing you can do either as a man or a woman is to keep the lines of communication widely open. Sit down and have a conversation together with your spouse. Discuss about what your emotional, financial, social, and certainly sexual needs are. Then also talk how both of you can be work them out together.