Category: Sexual Intimacy

What Couples Need to Understand About Sex »

Most people today would find it almost unbelievable that there are still people in this sexually explicit society who are unenlightened about sex and sexual matters. However, the disturbing truth of the matter is that a lot of couples today struggle with the issue of sexuality.

Why it is That You Want it More Than He Often Does »

They say the men are always up to the task in the bedroom, but what if your man happens to be an exception to this rule. We look at clues to this problem and possible solutions.

Love and Sex – The Interplay »

Sexuality plays an important role in the intricacies of being in love. While women in general seem to associate love with sex, most men engage in sexual intercourse for pleasure and physical release, often without any emotional commitment. While sex may not be everything in a love relationship, it surely plays a very significant role in its sustenance.

Tips for Enhancing Sexual Intercourse »

Sexual intercourse is one of the most intense physical stimulation that induces a sense of intimacy and closeness that is pleasurable and emotionally satisfying like no other. Here are some tips for its enhancement.

The Art of Foreplay »

When it comes to foreplay, sexual pleasuring, such as oral and manual stimulation should be considered as self-contained features of a dynamic, ever-evolving sexual menu, of which real sex or sexual intercourse is but one.

Achieving Orgasm During Intercourse – A Guide for Female Orgasm »

While taken for granted by a majority of men, most women consider having an orgasm a wishful dream. Fortunately, there are learned behaviours that can put a woman in a better position to achieve orgasms more frequently and in multiples.

Exercising for a Better Sex Life »

While we cannot absolutely control aging and its effect on our sex life, we can however control some of the factors that affect our sex lives and longevity. Regular exercise, the newest "Fountain of Youth" can arouse sexual desire and make sex more enjoyable.

A Man’s Guide to a Woman’s Body »

The erogenous zones – the hot spots on the female body that contain a lot of nerve endings – when sufficiently stimulated are capable of bringing a woman to orgasm. An understanding of the female anatomy especially her erogenous zones will put a man in a better position to satisfy and pleasure his woman.

How to Communicate Better for a Dynamic Sex Life »

Skilful communication is an essential element of any intimate relationship especially one that fosters mutual growth. It requires knowledge and exploration, experimentation and practice, generosity and a healthy sense of humour, understanding, and most importantly, honesty.

Five Tips for Overcoming Performance Anxiety »

The fear of sexual performance, or more accurately, the fear of not performing sexually – can affect sexuality in a variety of ways. It is often an overriding block to the spontaneous flow of sexual feelings and thoughts. Learning to focus on the sensations and pleasures of the sexual moment among other factors can help alleviate this problem.