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  • What to Do with a Minute Man – A Woman’s Guide to Understanding Premature Ejaculation

    It is most men's fantasy-wish that they would be able to penetrate a woman who bucks like a wild unbroken bronco, maintain perfect control during an hour of hard steady thrusting, and then time their ejaculate to coincide, contraction for contraction, with the orgasm of their partner. Hello, wake up!!!

  • 11 Foods That Help Boost Your Sex Drive

    Certain foods have been shown to boost sex drive because they contain specific vital nutrients needed by the brain and body to regulate the levels of sex hormones and the circulatory system for optimal performance, and not because they contain any magical ingredient. Here are 11 of such foods you should include in your...

  • 7 Natural Ways to Boost Your Libido

    A faltering libido can be frustrating for both men and women. Sex drive can be affected by various factors and for a healthy and more satisfying sex life, numerous aspects of your personal and interpersonal well-being must all come together to function as a whole.

  • Sexual Benefits of Kegel Exercises

    Kegel exercise is a form of exercise that is aimed at strengthening the sexual ability of both men and women by toning up their pelvic floor (PC) muscles. These series of exercises strengthen the pelvic floor muscles thereby heightening pleasure for both partners by increasing sexual desire and intensifying orgasms.

  • Managing Stress in Your Sex Life

    Unmanaged stress is a bona fide libido killer as it serves a cocktail of unpleasant symptoms ranging from nervous anxiety to irritability, and muscle tension. Considering that the human brain is the most erogenous sex organ and the most powerful asset in your sex arsenal, the impact of stress cannot therefore be overemphasised.

  • Benefits of an Intimate Sexual Relationship

    Igniting our senses and filling us with ripples of pleasure, sex has been a subject of obsession throughout human history. While irresponsible sex causes health concerns, intimate and safe sex provides significant physical and psychological benefits.