Signs It Is Love

In this game called love, could there really be signs or signal post along the way to tell whether someone is really in love with us? That is indeed a million dollars question but the good thing is that, it is true that there are signs we can bet on that we have found true love.How to make him fall in love is nothing but an unsuitable question to ask in dating. Honestly, no one can. Love in all its magnificence and unfathomable characteristics are something that needs to be cultivated in time. How long? No one can really tell.

Shows a lot of interest in you

They always look you in the eyes especially when truly expressing their feelings. They want to know, however not overly, how you are doing, asks about your day and work, your family, and even friends. A sure sign of someone being in with you is when he or she is able to remember whatever you say or do and when he or she never fail to remember your special days, like your birthday. They are not likely to forget days, which make special meaning to you. They are also ready to go the extra mile just because it is you.

Sets His/Her mind and spend time on you whenever you are together

A potential mate who is truly in love with you will always make time for you out of their busy schedule. Whenever you need them most, they will do their best possible to be around you no matter the inconvenience this might cause them. They do not allow personal priorities take preference over you.

Not afraid to talk about settling down

He or she talks and plan about their future envisioning you being in it. They share their insights and opinion about commitment, marriage and their future openly with you and respect your point of views about them. He/she affectionately introduces you to their friends and takes you home to meet their family. This is truer for the men as they are often very particular about the women they take home to their folks.

He/She is comfortable discussing Personal Issues with you

He/She feels very comfortable being around you, and it tends to seem you have probably known yourselves for longer than you actually have. They feel free telling you about things they apparently do not tell other people. There is always this air of freedom and total trust in each other whenever you are discussing personal matters.

Shows a lot of care and affection

They give willingly without you asking and always pay a lot of attention to what they give to you. They treat you affectionately, pay lot of attention to you, are sensitive to what makes you smile and feel special about yourself, are considerate and care about your general desires, wants and needs.

They always want to be around you

They love and enjoy being physically close to you and sincerely express how good they feel having you around them and in their life. They compliment how much you have affected their lives positively. The more you come closer together, the stronger the relationship grows.

Mutual Acceptance and Togetherness

There is an obvious form of participation in each other’s life and a general tendency to agree on most things accompanied with this reasonable degree of sync between your belief and value systems, life goals and general idiosyncrasy. There is also an air of freedom in expressing yourself emotionally and sexually without restraint.