Signs of Infidelity

Signs of Infidelity

When there is the apprehension that a partner might be cheating in a relationship, things can start falling apart quickly. Trust that has erstwhile been the foundation of the relationship may start taking the backstage while suspicion and resentment build.

A partner that is having a secret affair will with time start showing definite behavioural and emotional changes. While the excitement being created by the new affair may be having a dramatic effect on them sending out sparks et al, guilt can easily set in and the interplay of these different emotions can result in them behaving in strange ways. Ironically, this guilty conscious may make them to start suddenly becoming more affectionate toward you to relieve them of the guilt they hold and at times as a manoeuvre to deflect your suspicions.

At the onset of the affair, the guilt felt by the cheater may be very strong but over time this gradually subsides until the cheater virtually feels little or no remorse over their actions and may start employing different tactics to make sure that their partner does not uncover their acts.

Before jumping to conclusion on whether your spouse is cheating on you, it is worthwhile to check whether the noticeable changes in your spouse are not changes as a result of possible pressure from work, mounting bills and mortgage, depression, the children or any other issue that might be contributing to your spouse’s recent attitudes.

At this point when your suspicions of an affair might be high, it is important to keep your cool as the wrong move might completely ruin your relationship more so if your nuances turn out to be false red lights.

While there are lots of signs that your spouse might be cheating on you, below are some very obvious telltale signs to checkout for in a cheating spouse.

Change in Behaviour toward You

When there is a dramatic change in your spouse’s behaviour towards you most of the time through always criticising your actions or becoming too formal when communicating with you, it should be a sign to arouse suspicion of cheating.

  • In addition, they may also become more argumentative and constantly pickup fights with you over trivial issues. At times cheating spouses tend to pickup fights or create incidences that they can use as pretext for leaving the house in order to meet with their lovers.

    Spend More Time Away From Home

    Watch out if your spouse start spending unusually long hours at work or away from the house during odd hours, they could be cheating on you. This might also start embarking on more frequent business travels and business meetings in the evenings.

    A change in their daily routine which they are not able to account for with a genuine explanation or with some questionable explanations coupled with anger when you try enquiring about lost time could indicate infidelity by your spouse.

    Returning Home Fresh / Strange Body Odour

    When your spouse returns home wearing a strange cologne or perfume and/or smelling of a fresh shower, you should come alive with suspicion except they have a good excuse to tender.

    Unusual Phone Behaviour

    One of the earliest telltale signs of a spouse cheating on his/her partner is increased phone activities and the awkward way in which they start answering phone calls in the presence of their spouse. Moving out of earshot and talking in hushed tones are probable signs your spouse may be hiding something.

    Increased and Suspicious Online Activities

    Is your spouse becoming more and more protective of their internet and computer usage? Do they now stay at the computer for long and at odd hours? Also, is your Internet Browser History being frequently deleted; then you have to watch it with your partner.

    New Self Interest / Consciousness

    It is a classic sign that something definitely is happening to your spouse when there is a sudden interest in the way they look as they start to pay very close attention to their appearance and make various lifestyle changes. These may include new clothes, new cologne or deodorants, more frequent visits to the gym, new haircut or hairdo etc.

    Your partner might even take up new hobbies or classes that they have never shown an interest in before. These may all be geared toward impressing someone else.

  • Undisclosed Financial Expenditure and Records

    In most cases your spouse might start hiding details of financial information such as monthly credit card and bank account statements or even his/her mobile contract bills. There may also be an increased unbudgeted and unaccounted credit card or bank receipt spending by your spouse.

    Meanwhile, be aware that these are not foolproof evidences that your spouse might be having an affair but if you discover that more than one of these suspicions keep reoccurring frequently, then there might be the chance that your spouse is cheating on you.

    Finding out the truth about a cheating spouse on time is very important because failure to nip the affair in the bud may well spell doom for your relationship as the damage caused might have become irreparable by the time the affairs is discovered. Finding out early also helps you to protect yourself legally and otherwise.