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The Secret of True Irresistible Attraction »

Meeting your unmet personal and emotional needs and living your life to its fullest is one factor that can greatly increase your attractiveness and ability to main great relationships. A lot of those in great relationships have consciously or unconsciously discovered and connected with this secret. This is the secret you need to be totally irresistible to your current spouse or potential partner. …Continue Reading »

Listening Is The Key To Good Communication »

As a pastor for more than 32 years, I have participated in my fir share of weddings as well as having had the pleasure of counseling many couples. I am a big fan or marriage – when it’s right. But getting it right can be as difficult as baking a soufflé in a wood-burning stove.

This year (September 2008), marriage takes on new significance in my life. I celebrate 26 years of marriage to my beautiful wife, Serita, and I also will see my youngest daughter marry. For my wife and me, it is a celebration of survival against many odds. But for my daughter and her fiancé, it’s the beginning of an expedition filled with wonderment and warnings, amorous connections and deeply spiritual contemplations. …Continue Reading »

Secrets to Understanding And Communicating Better With Men »

Most women get frustrated when trying to communicate with their spouses. They often talk to men in languages they believe the men in their lives should be able to grasp only to sound as if they are speaking in a foreign language.

Women understand themselves so much and very easily land on the same page when discussing most issues. Unfortunately, women expect same understanding from their spouse without understanding the differences between how men and women communicate their feelings in general. It is therefore imperative for women to have a clear picture of how men think, listen and express their feelings in order to chart a new course in effectively communicating with their partners. …Continue Reading »

How Personal Happiness Opens Your Heart to Finding True Love »

Loving who you are and finding true personal happiness is the first step to falling in love and finding true love. However a lot of people tend to focus on their partner as the source of their happiness and blame them as being the cause of their dissatisfaction and disharmony in life. …Continue Reading »

The Art of Giving and Accepting Sincere Apologies »

In its most basic expression – a simple, yet sincere apology satisfies many situations. No matter how effective your communication skills, how sensitive you may be, or how compatible or in love you might be with your spouse, sooner or later you are bound to do something that will either hurt or embarrass your partner. How then do you know when you have wronged your partner and to sincerely apologize? …Continue Reading »

How to Tell If You Are in Love »

This is perhaps the biggest question that can be asked in a relationship. And for sure, for the larger population, this is not an easy one to just give a yes or no answer. What is it that really gives you the assurance that you are truly in love? …Continue Reading »

How to Communicate Better for a Dynamic Sex Life »

Sustaining an intimate and satisfying sexual relationship especially one that fosters mutual growth, requires knowledge and exploration, experimentation and practice, generosity and a healthy sense of humour, understanding, and most importantly, honest communication. Communication is vital in maintaining a healthy and satisfying sexual relationship and cannot be …Continue Reading »

The Biology Of Joy »

By Michael D. Lemonick

Scientist know plenty of about depression. Now they are starting to understand the roots of positive emotion.

RICHARD DAVIDSON WAS IN A LAB OBSERVING A BUDDHIST MONK SINK deep into serene meditation when he noticed something that sent his own pulse racing. Davidson, a professor of psychology and psychiatry at the University of Wisconsin, hurriedly double-checked the data streaming to his computer from electrodes attached to the monk’s skull, but there was no mistake. …Continue Reading »

Low Sex Drive – How to Naturally Increase Male Libido »

Low sex drive (libido) can be said to be an absence or deficiency of sexual fantasy and desire for sexual activity. This is also referred to as the biological need for sexual activity and is expressed in frequently as libido. The intensity of libido is highly variable between individuals as well as within an individual over a given period of time. …Continue Reading »

Ways To Save Your Relationship »

Keeping our relationships healthy and active requires concerted effort from both parties involved. It is true to the letter that every relationship has its fair portion of clashes and misunderstandings which often leads to resentment, bitterness, hurt feelings, pains and sufferings of different degree by one or both partners. …Continue Reading »