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Things You Can Do When He Doesn’t Love You Back »

Most people find it easier sticking around in a one-sided relationship, believing that their spouse will one day come to his/her senses rather than just walk away. For ladies, this is truer as many feel that because their guy has not made any move to end the relationship shows that he may still be committed to it to some degree. But the truth of the matter is that most guys dislike confrontation so much that they rather just hang on in to the relationship than be the one to call it quit. This holds true because accordingly to a Harvard University study of about 231 Boston couples, women were often the ones who suggested the separation. …Continue Reading »

Learning to Forgive a Cheating Spouse »

Every relationship has its ups and downs however one of the most defining moments in a relationship can result from one of the partners becoming unfaithful. Infidelity has the power to break and mar almost any relationship and survival mostly depends on the depth of commitment of the aggrieved partner. …Continue Reading »

Pitfalls to Avoid When Winning Your Ex Back »

Getting over a breakup can be a pretty difficult issue to handle and often leads to guilt and depression if not properly handled. These feelings and state of mind during a breakup often impede one from making sound judgement at such an emotionally ridden period. Actions and decisions made during this time will mostly be irrational and may scuttle any chance one may have of getting his/her ex back. …Continue Reading »

How To Get Your Ex Back »

In reality, a breakup doesn’t necessarily end a relationship. The commitment issue is what is done away with when couples breakup and go their separate ways because most times there would be things that still tie them together. …Continue Reading »

Getting Him Back – Oprah Expert Reveals How To Get Your Ex Back »

Whether you want to get your ex back or you’re just worried that he might leave one day, getting the right advice is important. So how does Michael Webb’s new “Getting Him Back” book compare to the rest? Let’s find out… …Continue Reading »

The Magic of Making Up »

The Magic of Making Up gives realistic hope to anyone whose relationship is at the moment in dire straits. With advices and methods that can be termed unconventional, Jackson (the author) uses use real world experiences to help couples get back together. …Continue Reading »

Stop – Don’t Call Your Ex »

Ever been obsessed with an on-again, off-again lover you’d do anything to capture? Ever called a lover long after they had shown you the door? Stop! Don’t make that call. The pursuit of an ex lover is not just humiliating; it is exhaustive and worst still at a time when you need all your strength to get over a painful breakup. …Continue Reading »