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Learning to Forgive a Cheating Spouse »

Every relationship has its ups and downs however one of the most defining moments in a relationship can result from one of the partners becoming unfaithful. Infidelity has the power to break and mar almost any relationship and survival mostly depends on the depth of commitment of the aggrieved partner. …Continue Reading »

Ways To Save Your Relationship »

Keeping our relationships healthy and active requires concerted effort from both parties involved. It is true to the letter that every relationship has its fair portion of clashes and misunderstandings which often leads to resentment, bitterness, hurt feelings, pains and sufferings of different degree by one or both partners. …Continue Reading »

Why Couples Cheat »

There are many reasons one can posit for why couples cheat on themselves in their relationships. Categorically speaking, an affair is mostly just an external sign or symptom of an internal desire for change. Something in the person’s life or the relationship is causing some form of dissatisfaction, and the affairs engaged in are just triggers for the change they anticipate. …Continue Reading »

Signs of Infidelity »

When there is the apprehension that a partner might be cheating in a relationship, things can start falling apart quickly. Trust that has erstwhile been the foundation of the relationship may start taking the backstage while suspicion and resentment build. …Continue Reading »

Reasons Why Couples Breakup »

Nothing in life is sure which is why there is that fair certainty that sometimes in your life whether you like it or not, you will experience a relationship breakup. …Continue Reading »

Infidelity In Relationships »

When it comes to relationships and marriages, hardly is there a topic as touchy as one that has to do with the issue of infidelity. This is more so because few upheavals in the course of a relationship cause as much turmoil as this thorny issue which often lead to relationships breaking up, marriages filing for divorces, insecurity, mistrust and resentment replacing the love, trust and comfort that most of these relationships once fostered. …Continue Reading »

Ending A Long Term Relationship »

Knowing When to End
Do Not Procrastinate
Gather Your Courage
Do ‘It’ in Person
Be Ready to Face the Storm
Moving On.

This can be a very difficult time in the life of anyone who has been involved with someone else in a long term relationship. Breaking up with someone you have loved and cared about over a period of time is not easy but often times you might discover that you are better off without that person in your life. …Continue Reading »