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Do Women Really Love More Than Men »

Men are often made to look like they are the unromantic ones in most relationships and less romantic than women in general. At first glance, a good majority will unflinchingly say that women are the more romantic. However when it comes to the truly deep and important definition of romance, the opposite is often the case. …Continue Reading »

6 Traits Men Look for in a Girlfriend »

Somehow, there must be some sort of traits that attract most men to their girlfriends. Traits they find alluring and exciting making them to want to possess her and be her man. Does that sound unrealistic? Not exactly! …Continue Reading »

Enhancing Communication In Relationships »

A follow-up to creating and maintaining a lasting relationship is the art of enhancing communication between couples. The word “couples” connoting two people who are in a relationship not necessarily referring only to married couples. …Continue Reading »

The Right Chemistry »

By Anastasia Toufexis

O.K., LET’S CUT OUT ALL THIS nonsense about romantic love. Let’s bring some scientific precision to the party. Let’s put love under a microscope.

When rigorous people with Ph.D.s after their names do that, what they see is not some silly, senseless thing. No, their probe reveals that love rests firmly on the foundations of evolution, biology and chemistry. What seems on the surface to be irrational, intoxicated behavior is in fact part of nature’s master strategy – a vital force that has helped humans survive, thrive and multiply through thousands of years. …Continue Reading »

What Is Love? »

By Paul Gray

What is this thing called love? What? Is this thing called love? What is this thing called? Love.

HOWEVER PUNCTUATED, COLE Porter’s simple question begs an answer. Love’s symptoms are familiar enough: a drifting mooniness in thought and behavior, the mad conceit that the entire universe has rolled itself up into the person of the beloved, a conviction that no one on earth has ever felt so torrentially about a fellow creature before. Love is ecstasy and torment, freedom and slavery. Poets and songwriters would be in a fine mess without it. Plus, it makes the world go round. …Continue Reading »

Ways To Save Your Relationship »

Keeping our relationships healthy and active requires concerted effort from both parties involved. It is true to the letter that every relationship has its fair portion of clashes and misunderstandings which often leads to resentment, bitterness, hurt feelings, pains and sufferings of different degree by one or both partners. …Continue Reading »

Marriage Impossible – Doomed To Repeat Parent’s Mistakes »

By Rhona Raskin

If you believed that the only relationship you would ever experience would look like a Xerox copy of your parents’, would you ever leave your apartment? Feel the pulse of free will? Probably not. So what are the odds that you can deviate from the familiar path of those two important people? Grab your martini pitcher, because the truth is this: You are programmed to seek familiarity. Take a gulp. …Continue Reading »

What Husbands Can’t Resist »

Most marriages go downhill not because of just one big disagreement, conflict or fight; it’s never just over one big huge avalanche or storm; but rather the slow, insidious drip-drip-drip of most wives not understanding their husbands day after day, and night after night. It’s that constant drip (which wives often ignore) that erodes the very foundation of a marriage, just like the continuous drip of a leaky faucet in the dead of night. …Continue Reading »

Infidelity In Relationships »

When it comes to relationships and marriages, hardly is there a topic as touchy as one that has to do with the issue of infidelity. This is more so because few upheavals in the course of a relationship cause as much turmoil as this thorny issue which often lead to relationships breaking up, marriages filing for divorces, insecurity, mistrust and resentment replacing the love, trust and comfort that most of these relationships once fostered. …Continue Reading »

10 Guidelines for A Happy Relationship »

At a friend’s house after returning from a wedding ceremony earlier on in the day, I could not help but notice a plaque on the wall with the bold headline, “Guides for a Happy Marriage”. If I’d seen it in most other family houses, I wouldn’t have shrugged much. On going through the content of that plaque, I then understood why this family was so strong in every respect. …Continue Reading »