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What Couples Need to Understand About Sex »

Most people today would find it almost unbelievable that there are still people in this sexually explicit society who are unenlightened about sex and sexual matters. However, the disturbing truth of the matter is that a lot of couples today struggle with the issue of sexuality. …Continue Reading »

Why it is That You Want it More Than He Often Does »

It is a generally accepted phenomenon in society today that men are overtly sexual beings who are capable and ever ready to get it going anytime, any day. However, as some women might have harshly discovered, they often want it more than their man who also simply cannot deliver. …Continue Reading »

Love and Sex – The Interplay »

Men and women have different view about love and sex. Generally, it is believed that women consistently seem to associate love with sex, whereas for men it is easier to have sexual intercourse for pleasure and physical release, without any emotional commitment. Although sex is not everything in a relationship, it’s a big part of it. Good sex generally plays a big part in starting and maintaining a relationship, …Continue Reading »

Tips for Enhancing Sexual Intercourse »

From a strict biological point of view, sexual intercourse, or coitus, refers to the insertion of the male’s penis into the female’s vagina for the purpose of reproduction. Sexual intercourse has traditionally been viewed as the natural endpoint of all sexual contact between a man and a woman. …Continue Reading »

Achieving Orgasm During Intercourse – A Guide for Female Orgasm »

Achieving orgasm during intercourse, while quite an easy phenomenon among most men, is not that easy to achieve by a majority of women. While this remains true, it is however noteworthy that most women do however enjoy sex tremendously whether they have an orgasm or not. Fortunately, there are learned behaviours that can put a woman in a better position to achieve orgasms more frequently and in multiples. …Continue Reading »

Exercising for a Better Sex Life »

As men and women grow older, their libido and general sex life tend to wane due the effect of aging and other lifestyle factors. While we cannot control getting older, we can however control the factors that affect our sex lives and longevity. One commonly overlooked component of a fulfilling health and sex life is exercise. Regular exercise can arouse sexual desire and make sex more enjoyable. …Continue Reading »

A Man’s Guide to a Woman’s Body »

Everyone longs for and wants a better sex life – one that is richer, fuller, more deeply gratifying, more frequent, more varied and definitely longer lasting. This is very important as sexual passion has the power to lift our spirits unlike any other feelings experienced by men and women. …Continue Reading »

How to Communicate Better for a Dynamic Sex Life »

Sustaining an intimate and satisfying sexual relationship especially one that fosters mutual growth, requires knowledge and exploration, experimentation and practice, generosity and a healthy sense of humour, understanding, and most importantly, honest communication. Communication is vital in maintaining a healthy and satisfying sexual relationship and cannot be …Continue Reading »

Five Tips for Overcoming Performance Anxiety »

Anxiety is an important factor in the development of sexual dysfunctions. Performance anxiety, or fear of performance, is a well known phenomenon, particularly in men who are concerned over their erectile response and durability of erection. Sexual dysfunction is mostly a result of performance anxiety or fear of scrutiny by one’s partner. It is a common problem in which anxiety about engaging in sexual activity becomes an overriding block to the spontaneous flow of sexual feelings and thoughts. …Continue Reading »

The Signs and Changes of Menopause »

Menopause simply refers to a woman’s ending of menstruation. Commonly the term is used to refer to the entire span of time during which ovarian function declines and menstruation stops. This time period is normally years in duration, generally encompassing ages 45-55. Sometime around forty, a woman might notice that her period is different – how long it lasts, how much she bleeds, or how often it happens may not be the same. Or, without warning, she might find herself feeling very warm during the day or in the middle of the night. …Continue Reading »