Text the Romance Back Review

Text the Romance Back Review

Text The Romance Back is basically a step-wise relationship guide. The program is about the use of text messages in enhancing the romance and intimacy in a love relationship.

Text The Romance Back comes complete with sample text messages you can readily send to your partner or potential lover.

The program also highlights the timing when you should hit the “send” button. Following this step-wise formula helps to sustain the desired romantic effect on your partner.

Overall, Text The Romance Back aims to help you create a newer and more exciting romantic relationship.

It can also help you in developing a stronger, sexier, and more fulfilling relationship with your partner.

The program is dubbed as a “relationship transformer” and leverages largely on man’s greatest communication innovation – text messaging.

Overall, the book shows you how simple text messages can become a great way of increasing romance in your relationship.

The Reality of Text Messaging Today

Globally, text messaging has become one of the major ways of communicating. Text messages are the new personal diaries and journals of our digital age.

Just imagine how you would feel if someone had access to your personal text messages!

With regard to relationships, texting has become one of the greatest secret weapons in developing healthy and thriving loving relationships.

When you positively make use of text messages, you can easily trigger and increase the romance and love in your relationship. Thus, it can help to bring back the “honeymoon” phase of your relationship.

Text messaging as a relationship tool can thus help to create deeper intimate connections between you and your partner.

It can also be an effective way of sending a signal of care, warmth, and devotion to your loved ones.

When you’re not there physically to say those sweet words personally, text messages can easily help pass those feelings across.

Text messaging also has the advantage of helping you avoid the many arguments and fights that so often result from direct conversations between lovers.

However, texting cannot and should never be a substitute face-to-face communication. Yet, it provides one of the best alternative medium for effectively communicating with your partner.

Text The Romance Back

Text The Romance Back is often available for a discounted price. Check out the official website for the current cheapest deal.

What is “Text The Romance Back” All About?

The concept behind the program started during Michael Fiore’s “single and ready to mingle” days. Back then, Michael had this texting formula he intended using in creating a new level of intimacy with the ladies he was dating.

Later, he decided to share this formula with some of his friends who also used it to achieve tremendous results. Before long, the word of the texting formula spread like wildfire.

That initial personal texting formula is what has today turned into the bestselling program known as “Text The Romance Back.”

Today, Michael Fiore’s formula has helped tens of thousands of people across the globe to increase the romance and intimacy levels of their relationships.

The comprehensive relationship texting guide provides great tips and advice to help you discover the following:

  • How to use simple text messages to put the sparkle back into your relationship.
  • Ways to dramatically improve the level of romance and intimacy in your relationship.
  • How to effectively prevent divorce while increasing the love in your relationship.
  • Best ways to significantly boost the passion and deepen the connection with your significant other.

Essentially, Text The Romance Back is a full-fledged text message and flirting system. The program is more than just a collection of romantic text messages or theoretical relationship advice.

Rather, it is a program that provides more of an in-depth understanding and knowledge about how to compose flirtatious text messages.

It offers highly effective information to develop attraction and renew the romantic connection between you and your partner.

The Text The Romance Back book teaches you how to create great messages that are sure to inspire and excite your significant other.

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About the Author

As would have been obvious by now, the author of Text The Romance Back is Michael Fiore, a Seattle-based relationship coach. Michael has been helping men and women develop new romances or save their current relationships.

Michael Fiore

Michael is a blunt yet funny, and generally honest guy. He’s well-known internationally as an expert on relationship improvement techniques.

Michael Fiore first appeared on “The Rachael Ray Show” with his now bestselling “Text The Romance Back” e-Book in 2011. He has since had phenomenon success with his texting formula.

As a result, he has appeared on several national and international talk shows. This include shows like NBC, FOX, Yahoo!, WebMD, and CBS Radio.

Michael Fiore’s secret lies in his ability to creatively explore what makes men and women tick in a warm and fuzzy kind of way.

Perhaps one of the reasons why Michael’s works often wind up as bestsellers is because they make you dig into your soul.

His ready-made texts and scripts are basically launch pads and catalysts to get you going. In no time, you’ll find yourself capable of composing your own original text messages.

The Overriding Ideology

Generally, intimacy and romance are very big factors when it comes to maintaining love in a relationship. And this is regardless of whether it is an old or new relationship.

The Text The Romance Back e-Book uses a sequence of text messages to give your love life a breath of fresh air, in a romantic way. The sequences use text messages in the form of:

  • Text Massages
  • Bait Questions
  • Attention Texts
  • Appreciation Texts

Michael also took time to highlight in detail how text messaging conversations normally work. He also explains some of the drawbacks of using text messaging and also the best ways to avoid them.

Overall, the main goal of the program is to help you create a sort of “fantasy” world. A world in which you can become more open with your significant other – in both an intimate and sexual way.

Text The Romance Back intends to stoke the flames of passion in your relationship by creating a sense of urgency and longing for one another. In essence, the usage of these simple but highly effective text messages is to increase the level of anticipation of hooking up with your partner.

Also, the Text The Romance Back program provides a lot of information that teaches you core relationship and communication principles. These principles help you to stop fighting with your partner and to rather begin loving each other.

With that said, the bulk of the program contains mostly done-for-you texting formulas. These are basically “plug and play” text messages that you can use without serious consideration or having to be “creative.”

Text The Romance Back 2.0

The original version of the program was officially for committed couples. However, the material was a huge delight for a lot of single men and women from around the world.

So, a huge amount of material for single individuals to use in getting new dates was added to the new re-engineered version 2.0 of the program.

Included in version 2.0 are more ready-to-use texts and texting scripts you can readily use “as is.”

You can also use them as an inspiration for creating your own text messages.

Likewise, the new version offers a lot of great advice for “text flirting” and “text dating.”

Text The Romance Back

Text The Romance Back is often available for a discounted price. Check out the official website for the current cheapest deal.

Methodology of Text The Romance Back

Tens of thousands of men and women have tested the techniques and strategies in Michael Fiore’s Text the Romance Back. This includes individuals from the 50 American States and from many other countries across the world.

Text The Romance Back is a step-wise guide and uses a three step method that can be covered in a four-week module. Below is a highlight of the three different methods:

Section #1

The first section of the program is basically an introductory section. Michael starts by discussing why you need a program like Text The Romance Back. Then he highlights some ways you can make your relationship more exciting and fulfilling.

This section also covers the core concepts of the program. There’s a lot of emphasis on the need to understand and appreciate developing the right mindset and making the perfect timing.

Section #2

This section focuses mostly on methodology. It deals with the various types of text messages and how they work to incite feelings of desire.

While being simple and evocative, the range of text messages demonstrate a lot of charm. The text messages are basically engineered to help inject passion back into your relationship.

They can also easily suite the different personalities of the individuals using them during the different stages of the 30-day program and beyond.

These text messages are divided into different categories based on the type of text message. For instance, there are the “Curiosity Magnet” text messages which are for creating attraction. The “Appreciation Texts” are to help make your partner feel loved and needed.

There are also the raunchier categories of text messages. The purpose of the “Text Massage” and “Text Kiss” text messages are to trigger physical sensation regardless of the distance between you and your partner. The last category, the “Sensual Compliments” are for igniting your partner’s passion.

Section #3:

The third section of the Text The Romance Back program focuses on teaching you how to adapt the various text messages to suite your peculiar needs.

So, whether you are in a long distance relationship or newly dating someone, the program also has you covered. You can also use the program if you’re trying to rekindle the love between you and your ex.

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Who Can Use Text The Romance Back?

The Text The Romance Back program is a 30-days relationship transformation guide. Essentially, the guide provides an easy to follow strategy to compose romantic text messages.

The formula used in creating the text messages helps you to keep the flames of your love burning brightly.

For certain, these text messages are very effective. And this is regardless of whether you’re married, in a long-term relationship, or recently just started dating someone.

According to Michael Fiore, women using the techniques in the Text The Romance Back book can expect to see positive results after just a few days.

Michael says both men and women can effectively make use of the guide. However, it appears to be more suitable for women.

Also, the relationship guide focuses exclusively on text communication with little or no reference to physical contact. Thus, it seems to also be more suitable for individuals who are somewhat far from each other.

Nonetheless, irrespective of the individual using the program or the amount of distance between them, the guide contains lots of effective and simple secrets which are generally easy to follow.

Text The Romance Back costs $47 and comes with a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee.

Pros and Cons of Text The Romance Back

The Pros

  • Works for everyone irrespective of gender or culture.
  • Affordable pricing and requires no shipping fee as it’s a digital download.
  • It contains very easy to understand and follow actionable steps.
  • The author is a well-respected relationship expert with a lot of goodwill in the US.
  • The program is highly effective and gives results within few days when properly used.
  • Highly responsive customer support team to answer customer’s questions and concerns.
  • There’s a 60 days Money Back Guarantee on your investment in the Text The Romance Back program.

The Cons

  • Only available as a PDF.
  • Requires some element of effort and commitment – which isn’t really a bad thing.
  • Texting alone can never provide real and lasting intimacy that long-term relationships require.
  • People can easily manipulate and wrongly use the simple and easy tips and techniques available in the guide.

A Reality Check

From the majority of customer feedback, the program is highly capable of yielding tremendous positive results. However, the fact remains that it might not work in every relationship condition.

The reality is that not every relationship can be saved or should be saved for that matter. Those in emotionally, psychologically, or physically abusive relationships should rather seek legal and other expert advice.

For certain other relationship situations, the program is best combined with other methods and resources.

Also, Michael Fiore dispels most of the common myths about men not being romantic. He further illustrates the reasons why most guys do not initiate romantic moves such as surprising their ladies or taking them out.

Text The Romance Back Bonuses

Along with the main Text The Romance Back PDF, you’ll also get access to the following bonus resources:

Download Text The Romance Back PDF

Bonus #1: The Audio Bonus

This is the audio version of the program and comes in a MP3 format. There’s a total of eleven (11) audio files. Thus, you can listen to the whole book at your own convenience. This way, you can easily listen to it in the car, while at the gym, or anywhere else.

Bonus #2: Crib Sheet – TRB2.0

This is a 27-page guide which is basically a quick-start to the main program. In it, Michael shares his 30-Day Romantic Texting Plan. This guide also contains sample romantic text messages which you can use depending on your particular situation. It also provides an overview of the other modules of the program.

Bonus #3: I Like Myself Worksheet – TRB 2.0

This short 9-page worksheet contains three essential steps you need to accomplish. It focuses on helping you improve your self-esteem and life in general. The truth is that you must first love yourself before anyone else can.

Bonus #4: FAQs – TRB 2.0

In this 16-page FAQ, Michael Fiore answers some customer questions concerning the Text The Romance Back program. The FAQ also contains some motivational boosters which are very handy when implementing this 30-day romantic texting plan. In the FAQs, Michael also explains what to do if your texting doesn’t work out as planned.

Bonus #5: Facebook Romance Secrets

This is a guide on how to effectively use Facebook and other social media sites to seduce your significant other.

The Text The Romance Back program also offers a 60 days Money Back Guarantee to allow customers decide if they want to keep the program.

Final Note on Text The Romance Back

Text The Romance Back is a great resource if you and your partner still love one another but are struggling to rediscover the passion you both once shared.

The program features highly effective new-age and cutting-edge text messaging strategies and tricks. When used properly, they help bring the romantic spark back into your relationship.

Text The Romance Back is a tried and trusted relationship guide. The text messages in the program are easily adaptable to suite your particular relationship needs.

These text messages are scientifically designed to increase the amount of attraction and love experienced between you and your partner.

Also, the program provides a wide range of these sample text messages along with highly effective techniques and the best sequences for sending them.

Overall, Michael Fiore’s Text the Romance Back is a novel attempt at helping lovers or intending lovers find ways to effectively express their feelings.

While simple and to the point, the material is highly comprehensive and very imaginative.

By using Text the Romance Back, you’ll become capable of genuinely expressing what you truly feel inside.

Thus, in no time at all, you’ll be in a position of composing text messages with real emotions coming from deep within your soul.

In fact, there are so many text message variants in the Text The Romance Back book that you won’t know where to start from.

But where you start doesn’t really matter. The important thing is to start using the book!

Download Michael Fiore's Text The Romance Back PDF