The Art of Seducing Your Lover

Seduction as mostly defined is the act of persuading somebody to have sex, especially by using a romantic or deceptive approach. When seducing a lover in a committed relationship, this can easily spice up the relationship and rekindle the embers of fire in the relationship to a completely new height.

The roles of “hunter” and “prey” have been decided through thousands of years of evolution, and usually fall naturally into place. Therefore, it goes without saying that is the natural order of things for men to enjoy the chase and for the women to love being desired and chased by men. The harder the man works to earn her affections, the more important and desirable a woman feels.

The idea behind seduction is to add subtlety to the obvious while plodding ahead with steadfast confidence. However, the truth is that we never really seduce a person because though we might lead them along a destination we have already chartered, and in some ways manipulate the results, the choice remains exclusively that of the seduced and not the seducer.

Knowing and feeling affectionately loved and lustfully desired, that someone has taken the time to slowly want to win your affection with small gestures that involves graciousness, service, humility, and appreciation of your person, even when done by your spouse, can be a very gratifying, pleasing and Zen experience. The mind is the primary erogenous zone in the human body, therefore establishing an emotional connection between the seduced and the seducer is the key element in this game of seduction. Therefore, feelings and thoughts are where seduction really begins.

In marriage, this can be a very powerful and effective tool in the hands of both lovers as it can be very sexy and arousing when the woman seduces her husband and when the man does it to his wife. This is in fact the best scenario to seduce someone as this is done in the correct context since nothing is being done wrongly, as both are already committed to each other.

Seduction can affect a relationship between lovers in various ways; the following are just some of them:

Adds Romance to a Relationship

Romance in a relationship should not change even after the initial phases of seduction at the onset of the relationship have passed and now the lovers are either courting or married. Instead the man needs to ante up his game and develop more romantic ways to seduce his lover. It can bring back that same romantic feeling that both shared when the chase initial started. Seduction when done rightly in a committed relationship will always make that relationship a stronger and more enviable one.

  • If a woman seduces her man very well all the time, then it is very likely that he would hardly want to stray from her and vice versa.

    Increase Mutual Arousal for the Partners

    Put your conservatism and inhibition aside and introduce some spice into your relationship. Seduce the mind and heart, and the body will follow. Mutual attraction is the best structure for attraction between a man and a woman. When a woman is seduced, she will feel more comfortable opening herself up to a man emotionally and sexually.

    Wear your sexiest clothes and start using body languages that suggests you intentions towards your lover like a lick on the lips, a breath on his/her neck, and may be more suggestively, a little contact on a sensitive erogenic body part. The feeling of being sexually desired through some of these seductive moves by your partner can be very arousing.

    Enlivens and Reinvigorates the Relationship

    If there is great chemistry, love, intimacy, trust, and communication between two lovers, seduction as an art will simply make the relationship a whole lot more than can be imagined. If you want to get back the feelings of harmony, affection and bliss that you had at the beginning of your relationship, then the power of seduction is all you need. The power of seduction can be that significant.

    Creates Intrigue

    The forces of attraction on their own are of no essence without the element of intrigue. Love is a game whether you like it or not, and should be played carefully and skillfully to keep it alive and burning brightly. Seduction adds a little mystery, a mixed signal, and a degree of unpredictability, all to enhance and keep that love aglow. The more positive, intriguing, and fulfilling experiences your relationship encounters, the more satisfying the relationship will be.

    Arguably, there is always some form of manipulation involved in seduction, but then that is what creates the tension and intrigue, and this in turn is what makes the process of seduction so exciting and enjoyable for both parties. After all, variety is the spice of life.

    It Deepens the Love

    The best way to seduce someone is to first fall in love with them. The misconception that seducers are always after sex is but a psychological matter as it is not always true. When you are looking for someone to seduce, you actually look for someone who in more than one way excites you. So they have already in one way seduced thus making seduction in a loving relationship a back-and-forth process. Therefore when we seduce our lovers and they in turn seduce us in other ways, the love and affection increases in such a relationship.