The Secret of True Irresistible Attraction

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Meeting your unmet personal and emotional needs and living your life to its fullest is one factor that can greatly increase your attractiveness and ability to main great relationships. A lot of those in great relationships have consciously or unconsciously discovered and connected with this secret. This is the secret you need to be totally irresistible to your current spouse or potential partner.

It’s a simple but profound secret – fulfilling both your personal and emotional needs. Very few individuals are open enough to talk about their personal and emotional needs. They refuse talking about these needs primarily because they are either not aware that they have these needs or simply because, if they are aware of them, they just don’t want to discuss them. Most are often under the assumption that if they do not talk about these needs, then, nobody will notice they have them.

  • The Law of Attraction simply states that thoughts manifest reality. The things you think about the most are the same things that you are most likely to attract to yourself. Like simply attract like. If you spend most of your time focusing on the lacks in your life, you are creating a bond between you and those lacks, attracting more of them simply because what you focus your mind on only but expands.

    To worsen issues, your attempts at resisting this reality by denying it only helps to escalate the situation owing to the fact that what you resist simply persists. Interestingly, resistance may also be a good pointer to the reality that you indeed have a real need. When our conscious whispers this to us, we do one of two things – we either act in harmony with it, or we instantly start to rationalize the issue – by telling ourselves “rational lies” on why it is not as it seems.

    Neediness in its entire ramification is one hell of a repellant. When your sense of lack intensifies, the more your needs grow, and the more you are probably going to repel what it is that you are seeking the most.

    We all have our different personal and emotional needs and except we are able to uncover what these specific needs are, we are just going to continue moving around with these unmet needs. Despite the fact that people who are not that close to you might not actually notice these needs, your spouse or partner will.

    The law of attraction might be funny in the sense that when we apparently do not need someone or something, then we are more likely to attract someone or something. Conversely, when you are anxious about someone or something, the more likely you are going to repel that person or thing. Unfair, you might say, but undeniably true.

    With these unfulfilled needs in your life, it become near impossible to become irresistibly attractive despite how charming or rich you might be. People with fulfilled personal and emotional needs are more emotionally matured and very attractive as they exude a sense of self-awareness and alluring confidence making people want to be around them always.

    Our notion of love and need has been so eroded today that people often equate need for love. Insinuating that when somebody needs you; that they invariably love you. Not true at all as love can only be freely given. No one can be forced or required to love another – love can only be attracted. Needs and love are incompatible pairs.

  • Therefore, to attract better people and opportunities, we have to first and foremost get our needs met. It is that simple. Once your needs are met and you are now living your life to its fullest, you’ll become incredibly attractive and downright irresistible. You now stand a better opportunity of attracting the mate that you really want and not the one you’ve always assumed you needed.

    You should stop waiting around for a partner before you begin really living your life to its full potential. Life is meant to be so much easier than the struggles we put ourselves through today. Open yourself up, meet those personal and emotional needs in your life and watch yourself effortlessly attract what it is you’ve always wanted.

    Wednesday, April 27th, 2011 Dating & Romance