Understanding and Decoding Body Language

Body language is the process of communicating what you are feeling or thinking by the way you place and move your body rather than by words. It is the unspoken or non-verbal mode of communication that we do in every single aspect of our interaction with people and hugely responsible for the impressions we create in people’s minds about our personality.Statistically, about 60%-80% of what we really mean is communicated through the non-verbal language which is transmitted through our body language (with voice tonality contributing about 38%) and that the actual verbal communication through words, accounts for just 7% – 10%.The first impression we create in people’s mind about us is the strongest and most lasting owing to the fact that it takes about two to four minutes for most people to come to a decision of likability for an individual.Our use and reading of body language is mostly an unconscious process we carry out in our daily lives. Therefore, our ability to use body language in a positive way and also being able to read other people’s mind through their body languages can help us development a better overall personality.Women are naturally considered to be ten times better than average men at being able to read and communicate with subtle body language. They can generally tells a person’s mood just by looking and detect all kinds of things from body language.Literally speaking, in the dating game, women generally use their heads, and men use their chests in most of their non-verbal communication. The women toss their hair or sweep their heads backs as signs of attraction while the men would simply puff out their chests, walking upright, holding their head up and their shoulders back. Also, the female will often have an accentuated roll of the hips while walking near the object of her interest.The art of reading body language is far from an exact science. Its one part observation, two parts interpretation. Look for consistent groups of gestures, a suddenly inconsistent movement and look out for patterns. A lot of body language has to be read in clusters, rather than forming a solid opinion from just one action. Sometimes it’s easier for an outside observer to read the signs than it is for the actual participant.

Negative Body Language Signs

Displaying any of the following signals can be warning signals of lack of interest.
  1. Arms Crossed. Any type of defensive closed-up body posture indicates a barrier between two people when they’re conversing.
  2. Turning his or her body away from you or giving no room for minimal physical contact. As one gets uninterested in someone, one tries to move away and reduce contact, and most forms of connection between the parties.
  3. Inattentiveness to what your are saying.
  4. Lack of eye contact and staring away from your glances. Shifty eyes and blinking eyes can indicate deception.
  5. Frequent head nodding indicate a loss of connection most of the time.
  6. Yawning may generally indicate a state of boredom and is a sure sign of lack of interest.

Positive Body Language Signs

The following are good indicators of interest being displayed by your partner.
  1. High level of eye contact and blinking. If a person likes another, they generally try to match the other blink rate and keep in sync with it, which is both fun and then to increase the attraction between them. Intense flirting will often result in eye to eye contact as well as looking long and hard at the mouth. The eyes are the window to the soul.
  2. Nodding. A little nodding is a good sign if it is done periodically as one speaks, indicating that you’re on the same wavelength.
  3. Increased physical contact. If the touching is warm rather than suggestive, there is progress.
  4. Body positioning by leaning forward and being in a relaxed position pointing in the direction of the person of attraction is a all-too-good sign of interest. These break the barriers down indicating a non-defensive and open mind that is relaxed and comfortable.
  5. Mirroring. Unconsciously reflecting each other’s behavior – leaning forward at the same time, breathing in sync, crossing the same leg over the other at the same, speaking in the same tone, indicates that there is quite a bit of attraction involved, as it implies that both of you are at the same level of attraction.