Why it is That You Want it More Than He Often Does

Why it is That You Want it More Than He Often Does It is a generally accepted phenomenon in society today that men are overtly sexual beings. They seem to be capable and ever ready to get it going anytime, any day. However, for some women, this unfortunately does not hold true.There are women who have harshly discovered that they often want it more than their man does. And sometimes, even when willing, simply cannot deliver.It is pretty difficult to come across a guy who doesn’t portray himself as a stud. By most men’s creation and everyone’s imagination, they are ever high on libido and ready to go all night. However, in a study published by the Journal of the American Medical Association, 36 per cent of men were found to be suffering from low sex drive. Most men however fail to disclose such personal information to their potential partners who embarrassingly discover this awful truth down the road, by themselves.If you notice that you man is not able to get it up and perform his statutory role in the bedroom or you are just about getting involved with that guy who seem like one hell of a stud, consider the following tips to either remedy the situation you might be in or avoid getting into one in the first place.

The Sickly One

He doesn’t claim to be a stud but still doesn’t tell you that he has any problem in the bedroom department and of being unable to run the show to an end. He leads you on, allowing your presumptuous imaginations run wild. He just plays along, pretending that all is alright but when the relationship starts becoming sexually active, he prefers to rather cuddle and just sleep.He initially attributes this to work pressure or other external factors. However, days turn into weeks, weeks into months and things are not getting any better. Stress, emotional and mental illnesses can reduce a man’s sex drive but equally so can depression and the use of anti-depressants. He regularly turns down your attempts to initiate sex.For starters, it is necessary to have honest dialogues on every possible issue at the early stages of the relationship. If your man happens to be in this category, sensate focus (cuddling, kissing and sensual pleasuring without any acts that may lead to penetrative sex) can be of great benefit in restoring his confidence. There is need to undertake physical checkups to determine the main cause of his diminished sex drive and thereafter get requisite treatment.

The Drunk

This guy isn’t ill or feeling blue but still can’t act like a real man. His hazardous lifestyle of alcohol and/or drug use could be the main cause of his decrease in sex drive. Too much of anything, especially alcohol and drugs, is bad.Alcohol and some drugs are known to be stimulants, but drugs like cocaine act as depressants when taken in excess. A man that is too high or too drunk can’t even think straight not to talk of making love. Chances are that even when he’s up for it, he might pass out before or during the act.Men engaged in such habits do so at the expense of their sexual prowess. This condition can be a little complicated to handle because it has to do with an individual’s lifestyle and habits which are generally difficult to drop. There’s need for a frank discussion of this issue covering how it is affecting the relationship and possible actions to be taken to remedy the situation. Rehabilitation in the worst case scenario might become an option or you might just have to move on before it becomes abusive if it hasn’t already.

The Parasitic Loverboy

You Want it More Than He Often Does
He sure is a stud as you can’t take that away from him being able to keep it up and go all night when duty calls but he is also a dangerous blood-sucking pest at the same time. He is however very inconsistent with his performances as he oft to complain of being tired when you want it. This is because he knows that sex is the only reason he has to be over at your place, so he does it once and subsequently starts pleading exhaustion. This inconsistency and excuses he keeps spitting at your face are due mainly to the fact that you are but one of a few women he regularly has sex with.He uses his good looks and sexual prowess as his survival kit. Mr. Loverboy either is homeless, squatting with friends, or still living at his parent’s house. He only sees your house as a hotel and comes in without request or consultation. This guy loves to live the big life owning may be a flashy car from salary earnings but living lavishly at his victims’ expense.When he comes to your place, it is rather to sleep than to make love. The only way out is to cut this lying cheat out of your life. His promiscuous lifestyle and continued rejection can lead to emotional problems and put you in harm’s way because of the sexual diseases he could be passing on to you.The assumption that men are always ready to get it on may make some women to start feeling they are the reason he is not able to keep it up. Thinking they have become less attractive or that they no longer rock his world. The fact that sex is not an easy issue to discuss makes bringing up the subject of his low sex drive all the more difficult.If your man falls into any of these categories, you know what to do now. If however, he doesn’t fit into any of the above, then probably he is not just that into you and would be best if you just move on. There are sweeter, smarter and sexier guys out there who would be proud having you beside them.
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