What is the true meaning of love – Is it in your Current Relationship?

The primary purpose of being in a relationship is to share love and mutual respect. To truly love someone can better be understood from the point of unconditionally loving that person. True love therefore means caring about someone just the way they are, how they were formerly, and how they will be in the future.The issue with most relationships today is that most people do not essentially understand what love itself is all about. Most commonly use the word “love” to suggest such feelings as infatuation, passion, flattery, lust etc. True love is not just a sensation of affection or romance. Neither is it sexual desire. True love is not based on physical attraction.Most times when we are in a relationship, despite the fact that we think we might love someone we over and over again act in some kind of selfish way by wanting simply to receive some sort of reward or pleasure from the relationship. In general, a lot of people are into relationships more often than not because they find they are interesting and/or lonely.True love is more of a sense of peace, joy and happiness within; an expression of kindness and compassion where it’s not about what you want to get out of it or about what you expect from it. It’s about loving someone with all their flaws and inadequacies, accepting and embracing their differences as you learn to give and take in the bond of harmony.Then, to truly love someone in a relationship, both partners have got to have a fair understanding of what real love is all about and have to possess it so as to be able to give it out. True love propels you to acquire knowledge that will enable you to better communicate your love for your partner. Every true love relationship is to a very large extent mutual.Once that right connection has been made and the chemistry between both of you is there, you begin to naturally know each other better as you understand and accept each other differences, likes and dislikes.You’ll know you’ve found true love when in your heart there is no question whatsoever if you are with the right person or not – it’s like your world does not exist without him/her and you can’t possibly see yourself living your life without that individual.Howbeit, true love does not exist in a vacuum. Pain is often coupled with it as you can’t have love without some sacrifice – this is the hallmark of love. It is both pain and pleasure; sorrow and joy. It goes saying that what you love can hurt you in almost equal reciprocity. It is basically expending yourself by forgetting about yourself and doing everything for the happiness and betterment of someone else – your significant other.True love in itself is belief and trust, garnished with some bit of intimacy, passion and romance. It’s beginning to love each other for the persons that you are individually and make yourself the best you can be for your spouse without expecting anything in return. True love means that you see his/her needs and see them as though they were yours.If given the time to flourish, true love will naturally grow within your heart and radiate in your outward appearance – attracting more love. It is simply a way of life!True love is so hard to explain by mere words… you have to feel what true love is and when you finally uncover the true meaning… you probably will not find the words to explain it. Its true meaning can therefore be subjective to a degree.