What to do if you are in Love but are afraid the feeling isn’t Mutual Love

You wonder to yourself, am I the only one feeling this way or does he/she feel just about the same way as I do? You are in a situation where you just can’t help feeling that you are in love with this person but the person seems not to return your love? Does your love have to be mutual before you can say it is love?A load of questions you’d say but this is the situation a lot people today find themselves. And believe you me – it can really be a difficult one to get out of with a cool head.Most people have these doubts because despite these strong feelings of attraction they might be having, the question still lurks there… whether or not the other party feels the same way. They are simply passionate about someone that is not reciprocating their affections.This kind of unrequited or unanswered love can become depressing, emotionally challenging and suffocating. When you are in a non-mutual relationship, you can easily get devastated and lose your self-confidence. It is therefore important to know beforehand if the love is coming from both ends or not to avoid unnecessary heartaches down the road.Before going any further, it is important we take a good cursory look at two possible sides to this issue. One case scenario might be where your loved one is just not into you at all – period. On the other hand, this can also be as a result of certain circumstances he/she might be in at the moment and probably just need more time, care and affection for that spark of affection to be ignited. Possible reasons here may be that (i) they are not ready to give themselves away (ii) probably looking for something more than what you are currently offering (iii) afraid to commit again because of previous failed and hurtful relationships.Either way, how do you know which is which? That is the big dilemma.Generally speaking, mutual love does not really occur at the same time for both partners in a relationship. In most cases, one partner usually develops more feelings and expresses it first while the other one develops it slowly over time. This at the onset can be completely one way. And, frankly, this is how most true love relationships begin – one way.Howbeit, in the course of time, the other person never develops such similar feelings or where they are developed might not be of the same intensity. During these periods of unrequited affections, some people still hold on believing that with more time and care, they may win their love over. But then how much time is really needed to win someone over and how do you know when to call it quit?In love, while you have full rights to your feelings; you only have limited or no access at all to the way your lover feels about you and the relationship. Therefore, once you come to the realization that you love someone, it is very important that you find out if the feeling is mutual.You need to confirm this and effective communication is the key. Most human communication is not verbal. It is necessary to understand such human communication skills such body language, signs, facial expressions and voice fluctuations. How clear are the signals you are receiving from him/her? Are they coming out loud and clear?If however your partner’s feelings are not clearly discernible, you need to talk to him/her and ask about how they feel about the situation. Be as open-minded as you can be about it. If nothing comes out of it, then it is time to move on. It is better to know the truth once and for all, than to wait around hoping for what may never be.The truth of the matter is that if you find yourself in a non-reciprocal one way love situation, it is best for you to do everything possible to let go of the loved one. Why go after something you cannot possess? If the feeling is not mutual, you cannot force the hands of fate and it is therefore better for you to stop burning yourself out and making a misery of your life.To be honest with yourself and your loved ones is a challenge but part of being a responsible person with integrity. You deserve someone who can reciprocate your gestures of love and affection – someone who can love you back. A truly loving relationship is about giving and receiving real love.